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looking for u
horny young guy looking for a daddy to explore his fantasies Read more
Friends condoms...
Im my early 20's I used to share a house with my best mate from school. He was good looking, great body, alpha male kinda guy who could real… Read more
My Tribute to my love from long ago
DC Looking for Daddy
Vers bottom based in Washington, DC - looking for nearby daddies for fun. Read more
I am finally getting ready to move in to a 2x2 apt
If you want to be educated it's 2 bedroom and bath
Located on the border in… Read more
Hi I’m looking for a older hairy daddy bear top to have some fun with Read more
Where are my Los Angeles daddys?
Glendale area here and looking for clean cocks to suck to completion, hit me up locals Read more
I not going to the East coast
I am not going to Massachusetts I am now filed several court papers over 8-10 people and couple of groups then I am ready to move out of my … Read more
I think it's time
My time here is good I got to meet a lot of guys here and we have to maintain each other
I spoke to lots of guys all over and yet I fo… Read more
Cancel the trip
I might be cancelling the trip to Massachusetts soon if they are coming back to not helping me to get approved or whatever else might be the… Read more
Ask me anything
Ask me anything about me I am open book if I change subject that means you not ready to know bout it right then
If you want to contac… Read more
i need a older man
i’m a virgin and i’m not out but i’ve always wanted a older man to make me his bitch it’s hard to find one around me without putting… Read more
I added a new picture
I updated my pictures and most are new updates I am updating my subscription soon and stay tuned Read more
I Fucked My Wife's Sister
My Wife's Sister (A True Account)

Darlene's sister, Paula (not her real name), was 28. 2 years older than Darlene and one year… Read more
Eligible Daddy Looking.....
Eligible daddy on Cape Cod looking to find a boy or two to enjoy from time to time. I'm affectionate, fun-loving, and caring. I'm actually a… Read more
Looking for daddies
Hi I’m looking for few daddies that would like to do threesomes groups who like taking turns fucking me I’m looking for daddy’s that a… Read more
First time I sucked a cock
There are 2 adult stores not too far away from me. I went to the adult store that's further from me. Its the darker dirtier place, but that … Read more
Looking for man or men for fun
Looking for man or men for fun anything goes Read more
Making XXX videos
I am looking for men over 60 to make XXX videos of me sucking cocks, facial, anal toys, bondage just about anything but NO S/M PAIN, SCAT BL… Read more
Looking for a friend
20 y.o boy is looking for some older friends.. Text me and we can go along :) Maybe create some good friendship. So.. once again. Hit me up.… Read more
Asian top looking for polar bears in Canada
Just got out of a relationship and it has been a tough ride. Is there any sexy polar bear that want to connect with me? Chatting, dating, av… Read more
Log On
Why are we unable to log on to Bear411 & Bearforest Read more
I’m looking for older hairy top daddy bear to have some fun with and more Read more
neighbor like 40 had me when yng.
Black neighbor like 40 had me when i was a short skinny lil blonde. Wonder if others had same experience ? Read more
Fucking My Supervisors Husband
As I mentioned in my post "His Wife Wanted to Watch", my job offered all the overtime I could handle, and I worked a fair amount o… Read more
First Time In An Adult Theater
This Is A True Account
In 1970, I was 19yrs. old, fresh out of Navy boot camp and in Jacksonville, Florida to attend Aviation Electr… Read more
Watched My Brother Breed My Wife
The following is a true account. Conversations are accurate to the best of my recollections. Some are … Read more
Surprise Bi 3-Way
Bi 3-Way

I was seeing a gal, fresh from her recent divorce. She was very hungry for sexual adventures. We started contacting… Read more
So it has been . . .
a while since I posted anything to this blog. Still not sure what to put. But dear lord!! Have I really been on this site this long? And bee… Read more
Popping My Cherry
figured writing about my first time would be a good way to introduce myself on here

Horny and bored, spending the night getting… Read more
wonder ?
Wonder if when I was lil short and skinny blond if black neighbor like 40 had not "romanced" me I might be straight today? Read more
Did anyone could help me ?!
Hello I have a question did anyone know how I can watch members videos I tried multiple times to watch and add but it says that the member i… Read more
my first approach with a habré older than me
I was in the first grade of high school, every time I went to school I passed by my best friend since my house was two houses away from mine… Read more
Bubble butt
Anyone looking around for a thick bubble butt bottom friend? Straight acting in the streets, submissive pound cake in the sheets lol. Messag… Read more
How I got started
I was 17. I was used to hitching rides around town to get to places. Older guys would pick me up, reach over to rub my dick then park somewh… Read more
My Wife Said "You REALLY Want Me to Fuck Other Guys?"
My Wife's Introduction to Swinging.

In the early 80's, in the Bay Area, cruising opportunities were abundant, gay bars, bath … Read more
His Wife Wanted to Watch
When I was around 45 years old, I had a job that allowed for all the overtime I wanted, including working holidays. My workday started at 2 … Read more
MY First Time With A Man
In 1970, I was 19 and I had just checked into my new duty station at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California having just finished 6 months of … Read more
Hi 23 bottom here looking for a top older bear man to fuck me Read more
Older men!!
Looking for older guys that wear tighty whiteys Read more
Any daddies in London U.K. wanna meet and play? Read more
Elite Professionals
Here in Phoenix, that desires elite professionals, that desires some private discreet buddy that
sure would enjoy having you stop by a… Read more
Any daddy 4 me
Looking for a daddy who wants really a relationship Read more
I’m back
Hi silver daddies and older men I’m back I’m looking for older tops to dominate my ass Read more
Went to buy a boat and got a different kind of wood
This is a true story that happened 20 years ago. Still jack off to the memory of this because it was one of the hotest m2m times I have ever… Read more
Looking for fun in Virginia
18 virgin looking for a older man to please in Virginia. Read more
Thought some of you might like a Prime Men's Cruise
My friend puts together a few cruises a yr for gay men too meet have comradery " Prime men's Cruises " If any interest in Cruising… Read more
Sex time
Hi I'm looking to have sex with ab older man I want him to suck my cock every morning and get fucked by me Read more
Hi I’m looking for a mustache top dom older daddy with a hairy body and big cock Read more
Professional Flight Staff
Sure would be nice to hook up with either a flight attendant or pilot with a stop
over in PHX. that is in need of a buddy here in Phx,… Read more
Thoughts from a bareback bottom or why I love to take men's loads
This blog post mirrors part of my profile post from the now gone X-tube. It will better elucidate my attitude and feeling about bareback sex… Read more
Relationship new 29,i like oldman just like 40+ ,chat me to know each other only kindness heart can chat thank you☺️☺️ Read more
Looking for man or men for fun
Looking for man or men for fun in the Rochester, NY area. Read more
May you be married and seeking some discreet fun away from your wife.
Sure would enjoy providing that oral she refuses to give you any… Read more
I need a rim and huge silver daddy polar bear daddy cock inside of my hole Read more
Older Ohio looking for Younger, Muscular Versatile or Bottom men
The title says it all. All are welcome. Don't be shy. Mewboes are always welcomed. Read more
Poz men
I'm looking for poz men to play with in north carolina I'm very turned on by poz gay men Read more
Hot for more
Total pleasure on the beaches, speedos, jockstraps, tightwhites catches my attention. Seeing you groping your bulge constantly makes me eage… Read more
The Future of DaddyDater
Since I've joined this site I've talked to many guys but not yet met any (since there is literally no one within 500 miles of me that has be… Read more
NEW section for FUROLOGY 101 new examples on showcaseing the Man fur!
My first student had success - of course, not enough fur- it NEVER is for us to satisfy our desire. One thing that gave my student hope over… Read more
Scarcity in Can
Honestly I love this site and many great men on here, sadly I find that living in Canada there aren't many guys near me to actually meet, th… Read more
Guestbook comments
Can guestbook comments be updated to show exactly how many comments have been made instead of always saying 20? Just a thought. Read more
Guestbook comments
Can guestbook comments be updated to show exactly how many comments have been made instead of always saying 20? Just a thought. Read more
Looking for Daddys in Virginia
18, Virgin. I live in Newport News if you don’t live in Virginia and just want to chat I’m also completely fine with that. Read more
Seen on a black t-shirt, white letters that says:
Hang all traitors, make America great again Read more
any daddies in wv 25801!
i am looking for a daddy thats older then me, im turned on by the daddies thats jeans t shirt boots ball cap or cowboy hat wearing (flannel … Read more
Looking for a daddy in Budapest
Hi everyone,
I'll be going with my friends to Budapest for new year. I am looking for a chubby subs in Budapest for some fun.
C… Read more
Hi I’m looking for a big bushy long bearded hirsute polar bear daddy ages 60 and older I’m kind respectful responsible person looking fo… Read more
SF Bay Area Cocksucker
Looking for clean Men Over 60 for Fun.
San Mateo Area.
Pic and stats required.
Me: 62, Big Dick and Balls.Very Clean and V… Read more
SF Bay Area Cocksucker
Looking for clean Men Over 60 for Fun.
San Mateo Area.
Pic and stats required.
Me: 62, Big Dick and Balls.Very Clean and V… Read more
I want to be as honest as possible
I am a 28-year-old boy, two weeks ago they cut staff at my job in Mexico, the pandemic together with the supply crises are leaving the compa… Read more
Long Island NY
havent anyone ever had fantasies of having photos videos taken of u being sucked, well I am willing to pose doing it for u and other friends… Read more
making videos and taking xxx photos
I have always been turned on by sucking videos, and sure would love to make some XXX ones with older men, out here on Long Island NY, my fac… Read more
How to add photo's?
Hey guys just wanna ask did you guys have problems uploading a photo or is it just me. If you guys did and some how fixed it can you guys as… Read more
I Host in the Houston suburb of Clear Lake
I'm for real. Message me if [after reading my profile] you are interested in an invitation. I am retired and can for the most part, host any… Read more
Please if we want less scammers then stop sending them money!!!
Someone just scam me and take money from me, Please be careful to find your right!!! Read more
Add me
Add me on Skype 60 an older only Read more
Hi I’m new here looking for hairy older men ages 60 to 99 to have fun with me I’m up for anything Read more
Fake account he is a scammer be careful
This guys is a scammer Read more
How do I delete account?
Anyone know how? Gay life is DEAD. No need to die with it. Read more
Hi guys love to chat
New here thought I'd say hi I'm from London 33 and love chubby older guys. Guys with a belly and tits drive me crazy and horny I love to kis… Read more
Im Filipino man seeking a hot daddy
hello good day.
i am young Filipino man
who is seeking a companionship or a long term relationship.

i want to buil… Read more
Fill my ass and mouth
Webster, New York 81y/o looking for guys in Rochester, NY area - to fill my ass and mouth full of cum. horny virgin bottom ready to go at it… Read more
I’d love to Skype and bate with some daddy’s on here. Hung is a plus! Read more
Definitely confused
So, apparently some people are trying to say I'm not a real person and I'm actually scaming people into wanting to do stuff with me and such… Read more
I'm really not a scammer
I am afraid to write to a father and he thinks I am a scammer, I am not ... I am simply a Mexican child, I am a worker who does not ask for … Read more
The phrase "How are you doing?".... my BIGGEST pet peeve. It lacks imagination and is a definite tell tale that someone is trying to scam me. SMH Read more
Just wanting to talk.
Um. I honestly don't know how to start this but, hi there, I'm sure most people on here are just trying to get off and all, but I'm not real… Read more
Beautiful Men
As I look through the many profiles listed here, I am amazed and pleasantly surprised at the beautiful men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Th… Read more
Looking for daddyy nyc
Hi! 22 versatile here looking a good looking 40+ daddy to have fun with it could be top bottom or versatile Read more
Watch out
This asshole I went to visit boy was a fucker . I offered to help him out and what do I get yelled and and treat me like shit . He said he h… Read more
FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.mansex… Read more
Messed up
Just saw a profile said the person was 33 and last on line 52 years, yes years ago. And there are so many old profiles that have t been acti… Read more
Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes

I’d had it. Another relationship had gone sour. Damn
greedy, selfish bitches anyway. Well, tonight I wo… Read more
Guestbook Script Broken - PHP Error
For the last 4+ days I have tried to submit on a guestbook & got this PHP error:
Notice: Undefined variable: offset in /web/sites/… Read more
Poll: fake profiles
I need to ask ask you guys is there any currents updates on those we should keep each other infrom .I wasnt going to come back but i did cau… Read more
Cliffwood NJ, White Daddy Bottom Looking
Mature white daddy bottom clean discrete disease free, expect the same. Simply love clean hard Cock or cocks behind closed doors. BBC+++++ e… Read more
Hotel Playdate
2 married daddies, both vaxed, will be getting a hotel room in the Albany area on Saturday, from noon till 3 pm
We are looking for a … Read more
I'm a very meek and submissive kind of man I've been told that by my uncle and friends Read more
Classic Spammer Spiel Below!
I love seeing this!

"Really sorry i am just getting back to you now, i am not on here often. If you don't mind we can chat… Read more