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I Host in the Houston suburb of Clear Lake
I'm for real. Message me if [after reading my profile] you are interested in an invitation. I am retired and can for the most part, host any… Read more
Please if we want less scammers then stop sending them money!!!
Someone just scam me and take money from me, Please be careful to find your right!!! Read more
Add me
Add me on Skype 60 an older only Read more
Hi I’m new here looking for hairy older men ages 60 to 99 to have fun with me I’m up for anything Read more
Fake account he is a scammer be careful
This guys is a scammer Read more
How do I delete account?
Anyone know how? Gay life is DEAD. No need to die with it. Read more
Hi guys love to chat
New here thought I'd say hi I'm from London 33 and love chubby older guys. Guys with a belly and tits drive me crazy and horny I love to kis… Read more
Im Filipino man seeking a hot daddy
hello good day.
i am young Filipino man
who is seeking a companionship or a long term relationship.

i want to buil… Read more
Fill my ass and mouth
Webster, New York 79 y/o looking for guys in Rochester, NY area - to fill my ass and mouth full of cum. horny virgin bottom ready to go at i… Read more
I’d love to Skype and bate with some daddy’s on here. Hung is a plus! Read more
Definitely confused
So, apparently some people are trying to say I'm not a real person and I'm actually scaming people into wanting to do stuff with me and such… Read more
I'm really not a scammer
I am afraid to write to a father and he thinks I am a scammer, I am not ... I am simply a Mexican child, I am a worker who does not ask for … Read more
The phrase "How are you doing?".... my BIGGEST pet peeve. It lacks imagination and is a definite tell tale that someone is trying to scam me. SMH Read more
Just wanting to talk.
Um. I honestly don't know how to start this but, hi there, I'm sure most people on here are just trying to get off and all, but I'm not real… Read more
Beautiful Men
As I look through the many profiles listed here, I am amazed and pleasantly surprised at the beautiful men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Th… Read more
Looking for daddyy nyc
Hi! 22 versatile here looking a good looking 40+ daddy to have fun with it could be top bottom or versatile Read more
Watch out
This asshole I went to visit boy was a fucker . I offered to help him out and what do I get yelled and and treat me like shit . He said he h… Read more
FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.mansex… Read more
Messed up
Just saw a profile said the person was 33 and last on line 52 years, yes years ago. And there are so many old profiles that have t been acti… Read more
Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes

I’d had it. Another relationship had gone sour. Damn
greedy, selfish bitches anyway. Well, tonight I wo… Read more
Guestbook Script Broken - PHP Error
For the last 4+ days I have tried to submit on a guestbook & got this PHP error:
Notice: Undefined variable: offset in /web/sites/… Read more
Poll: fake profiles
I need to ask ask you guys is there any currents updates on those we should keep each other infrom .I wasnt going to come back but i did cau… Read more
Cliffwood NJ, White Daddy Bottom Looking
Mature white daddy bottom clean discrete disease free, expect the same. Simply love clean hard Cock or cocks behind closed doors. BBC+++++ e… Read more
Hotel Playdate
2 married daddies, both vaxed, will be getting a hotel room in the Albany area on Saturday, from noon till 3 pm
We are looking for a … Read more
I'm a very meek and submissive kind of man I've been told that by my uncle and friends Read more
Classic Spammer Spiel Below!
I love seeing this!

"Really sorry i am just getting back to you now, i am not on here often. If you don't mind we can chat… Read more
Horny in Albany
It's been awhile since I've had any body contact with another guy, and quite frankly, my balls are full. Looking for a hookup soon in the up… Read more
Hotel Meetup
Going to get a room early tomorrow afternoon in the Albany NY area. Looking for other clean older guys to join me for some naked fun. I'm ho… Read more
Is there any daddys furry from 45 to 70 in around Erie? Suck fuck beer. 420 love eating an clean hairy ass. Hit me up i love beards but smoo… Read more
Is there any daddys furry from 45 to 70 in around Erie? Suck fuck beer. 420 love eating an clean hairy ass. Hit me up i love beards but smoo… Read more
lkg 4 older guys! facial hair a plus!!
any on near me thats discreet, str8 bi or just loves deep head an blow a load down a throat or a tight hole to breed? bearded thicker the be… Read more
Fun Afternoon
Special thanks to Mark and Jeff who answered my ad to meet at a hotel today. They were both married like I am, and apparently just as horny.… Read more
raunch pig
hey guys i love hairy raunchy men n uncut cheesy cocks. hot bttm bb no limits pig into hot filthy men with great taste Read more
raunch pig
hey guys i love hairy raunchy men n uncut cheesy cocks. hot bttm bb no limits pig into hot filthy men with great taste Read more
Members Birthdays
This has been posted on many occasions, but why are guys birthdays listed that haven't logged on for years & years. I saw a listing that… Read more
I love how many fakes and con artists claiming to be younger guys....
Are on this site. They even use the same words in their profiles and messages, and the same pictures for multiple profiles. I used to be a p… Read more
site is not secure (in RED!)
Your connection is not fully secure
This site uses an outdated security configuration, which may expose your information (for example,… Read more
Looking for this guy who is a nurse from Clinton NY
Hi I was about to send you a message and my chrome book wouldn't let me said Not safe. I went to take that off and I lost you. You said you … Read more
Is it just me?
This sub Grandpa has loved serving cocks since 12 in Boy Scouts but now being 70 I have noticed thru the years there seems among the senior … Read more
Gay web sites
I find that cruising websites such as this one is very much like going to the gay bars it’s always the same people and if they didn’t hi… Read more
Fetish Enjoyment
So into speedos jockstraps desire other guys sharing in the same fetish
stories. pic showing, swapping used locker room gear. new or … Read more
Looking for FWB Cocksucker
I'm a 33 year old Latino living in San Fernando CA. I'm looking for White or Latino men who love to suck cock to completion and swallow. I'm… Read more
What's happening on this site?
If I want to access this page, I will receive the following message when I log in:

Your connection is not completely secure
Read more
Ce careful of scammers during these Covid hard times......
Money is tight now for many. Scammers are out there in droves now like scamming people, it is their job for money, don't let you be "th… Read more
Uncut BBC
speaking as a bottom, I just love the way an uncut man feels inside me... somehow that extra bit of skin makes the sensation of each thrust … Read more
Done With This Site
I've had it with this website as 90% of the messages you get are from scammers. Now we will see how difficult they make it to delete your pr… Read more
Valley bear
Hey! New here so thought I’d post a rant or something.
I usually like date and hook up with older guys. I love hairy chest and I’… Read more
Young boy
I am a younger guy I am attracted to older man I’m not a fake I can show proof just scrolling on this site trying to see what’s out ther… Read more
Readers Respond to FUROLOGY101
reader T.S
I was overwhelmed with sheer emotion as I read what you wrote about hairy men... This is is something I’ve understood sin… Read more
The man in the mirror, Living on Purpose
Living on Purpose (6 min read)

What most people are protecting themselves
from is what has already happened. ("Wis… Read more
I have been new on here for 3 weeks now I have been looking for a very hairy old man or couple for a very long time never found the perfect … Read more

A Reader of mine asked What is a chest Hair Orgasm? ( FUROLOGY 101)
Ok- I've heard of this in this… Read more
Pay attention
there are many scammers, I have no problem why I'm not stupid, But it is not right that they play with the feelings of the people, they have… Read more
Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others, usually make time to correct their own
The oppression of free speech is illegal - or at least taught in school

Uneducated old white men will mean the elimination the … Read more
These riots need to be stopped
This is way past out of hand. The national guard needs to get things under control and ppl need to be held accountable for damages. Read more
Roleplay, and why I love it
OK, so first things first, this is going to be a long post, so heads up. Secondly I want to share my opinion and love for role play because … Read more
What gets me are the fools that don’t give a rat’s tail about you or me or their own health or their kids? You go into stores and people… Read more
Make America Grieve Again "MAGA"
I am not going to forget this Memorial Day anytime soon. Here we are the "Best" country in the world, the "Best" economy… Read more
Drs in Tucson area ?
I’m looking into moving to Tucson to be near my daddy. Is there a resource where I can find a dr or np that is supportive of the d/s lifes… Read more
Problem with site
Anybody else having problems. I keep getting weird info like a 26 yo was last online 50 years ago. ? Read more
Can't wait
Oh my GOD, how I can't wait to fuck my first daddy, I know that I can't travel or host or anything near that, but god deamn how I dream of t… Read more
Going Crazy
Am I the only one tired of jerking off?
I cannot wait for this to end, and get naked again with a guy or 3. Man, I could really use a … Read more
Scammerology 101, with quiz
I copy below verbatim a message I got last night. I was sure by the end of reading it that it was not real, that it was a scam.

Read more
two Read more
Looking for a Bbc daddy
Im a latin vers guy who is looking to see if i can find a bbc daddy to teach me the ropes .i am in the ft lauderdale area ,if intrested plea… Read more
Are you a Socialist????? LOLOLOL
Call me a proud Socialist wanting to make sure every single American has universal health care from birth to death! Call me a proud Socialis… Read more
Third rate country?????
you people do understand we are a third rate country now! think about it, Medical supplies short, grocery store shelves empty, panic buying … Read more
1GoldenBear New part 10 furology 101-Answers why I'm a Daddy
Part 10
1GoldenBear shares thoughts on :
Why am I a “Daddy”? all examples are about role play only with Adults 1 years and u… Read more
Infection Control Lecture #1: Magic Gloves
I suspect a lot of food service-oriented businesses don't really understand the basic principles of infection control, and that the "ed… Read more
What Friends Are For
When he said "Don't you know that fucking is the friendliest thing friends can do?". I smiled and fell into his arms. Withing minu… Read more
Oral in San antonio
Anyone looking to suck in San Antonio who is serious and can travel?? Read more
Hope is not lost
To all men let's not lose hope in this critical time we're in let's stay home chat more and hope alive Read more
Covid 19
Here is a letter sent to me by a good friend and though others would appreciate it.

With faith you can do everything
Hello American friends, In the news it is heard that the United States is already in levels of care for the vovid-19,it does not matter if y… Read more
The Milkman, Then and (maybe?) Now
Here's my riff of the day, thank you Good Weed, thank you Bored and Horny.


You know what would b… Read more
safe sex now
ok ok we how are you guys doing safe sex?
do you have your toy outside put on a mask, and gloves, then have him take a shower, wrap h… Read more
Under the cherry blossom Read more
Exhibitionist want to make xxx videos photos
I am a WM looking for other men who are into photos videos either join in or just be camera man over 60 yrs old, I am from Long Island NY an… Read more
Happy Birthday !!!
I thank God for adding another year to my age. I'm 27 now and I really thank God for the gift of life and all He has done for me... Its my d… Read more
Lets Make It Great!
Hey dads and lads, I know some of you can vouch for my authenticity (from basic real chat to classic real time raw sex, right ?). I mention … Read more
What amazing men
I am decently new to the site myself but wow, I really love all the guys who i have talked to so far. Everyone here is so nice and very resp… Read more
Today's birthdays:
21, Louisiana United States
Last online 50 years ago Read more
older bi and gay men in late 60s 70s 80s
Hi im 62 and been very bi since 18..back then was not lots of and if was people hid not like today.was wondering what people older then me i… Read more
LoveSilverDads from vermont is f'ed up in the head.... Read more
Loving all the daddy cock!
Loving the amount of dads showing me their cocks and getting me off. You’re greatly appreciated! Thank you! Read more
Hey im new here! Leave a message! Read more
Please compare complete Profiles and my introductions.

One is from today the other about 21 days ago.

Sounds might… Read more
How about a system of getting rid of old profiles?
Yesterday I clicked on a birthday profile, the member hadn't been on in 11 years. Prior to that hit 3 birthday profiles .... ranged from 3 t… Read more
Guys, if you want less scammers on the site, then STOP sending them money please
Its like giving food to birds, then complaining about all the birds hanging around.
Ive run this site since 2008 and gotten dozens of… Read more
For fucks sake. News flash! Theres scammers all over the internet. Surprise!!
My best friends Eric & Joe I were talking about fake profiles on Manhunt in 2003, saying that probably 30-40% of the profiles were fake.… Read more
Looking for daddy dens.
Been wondering where guys go to pick up on younger guys, that aren't Hollywood type bars. I'm looking meet older guys but I find Hollywood o… Read more
Looking for gangbang

Webster, New York 77 y/o looking for guys in Rochester, NY area - to fill my ass and mouth full of cum. horny virgin bot… Read more
The first experience with a man much older than me
I will tell you a little about the first experience I had with an older man when I was younger about 15 years
It all started one summe… Read more
So what was your favorite pick up line used on you or you used?
I had one that was simple easy and would know within 30 seconds if I was going to get laid,,,,lololololol “” hello can I buy you a drink… Read more
Agree about scammers here. The English is not always questionable, but the perfect appearance and the long commentaries that always boast of… Read more
clarify a point
I am Mexican, I am a humble and respectful person, but it does not mean that all Mexicans are looking for the money of others and much less … Read more
Bugs with this app
You know you select Guys nearby and you select the account and on the first screen before you click their account it says they're 7.9 miles … Read more
Since this site is extremely infected with scammers there are tells:

The most glaring one is English that is so proper and stil… Read more
Scam Profiles
Seems to be tons of them. Each one a Young Muscle Top wanting love. Or a Master... wanting money, eventually. Always in some weird city. It'… Read more
Albany Group Fun
I'm grabbing a hotel room on Central Ave Albany NY this coming Thursday. Looking for a couple of clean guys to have a 3way with. All ages we… Read more