My Wife Said "You REALLY Want Me to Fuck Other Guys?"

My Wife's Introduction to Swinging.

In the early 80's, in the Bay Area, cruising opportunities were abundant, gay bars, bath houses etc., and adult bookstores. I LOVED cruising adult bookstores! This was before the internet. No Craigslist, no Squirt. When my wife and I first met, she knew that I had a small stash of porn magazines, and that I would frequent adult bookstores to view adult movies. She had no idea that I was doing more than just viewing porn.
She showed no interest in porn herself, and I'm sure she'd never been in a bookstore. Fortunately for me, she had no problem with my wanting to view porn. I'd sometimes lay next to her in bed looking at a magazine, and we'd more often than not end up fucking like a couple of over sexed minks.
She had no idea I was BI, but I'd often use my tongue to clean her pussy after I fucked her. I enjoyed the taste of our mixed fluids. She was shocked the first time I did so. Now it was just part of our sex live.

We got married, and five years passed. Five years of going to bookstores once or twice a month to suck cocks.

one evening, I was in a bookstore in Redwood City. The video viewing area of this bookstore was one large room with several stands with individual screens to view the movies. They were not enclosed, there was only one actual booth that you could sit in and had a curtain for privacy. There was no sound, as at this time 8mm projectors were used in each of the booths. So, the room was pretty much silent.

I stepped up to a stand, put my quarter in the slot and began watching a gay movie. There was a stocky guy using the stand to my left and we were only two to three feet apart. While watching the movie, I glanced at my neighbor and saw that he had his cock out, slowly stroking it. His circumcised cock was about 6 inches, with a nice head, and like him was "stocky", I could feel a tingle in my cock, and began rubbing it through my pants. I could see that he was watching me.

When my movie stopped, I pulled a quarter from my pocket and purposely let it fall to the floor. I went down on one knee to retrieve it, facing toward my neighbor. I looked up. My neighbor had turned toward me, and I was looking at his cock which was about 6 inches from my face. I couldn't do anything else, I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. He stepped closer. I slid my lips over the head and began sucking his cock with full length strokes.

He placed his hands on the back of my head and started face fucking me saying "Fuck yeah". I clenched my lips around his cock and let him do it his way. It only took two or three minutes before he froze and said, "Here it comes." He blasted three loads of cum into my mouth. I swallowed, used my lips to milk him dry before he backed up, tucked his cock into his pants and left.

I looked around the room. There were four other guys there. Two were still at viewing stands, but two others were about four feet from me. Both had their cocks out. I stayed on my knees. One of the guys stepped up and pushed his cock into my mouth. He stood still as sucked and soon rewarded me with his load. He backed away, and the other guy stepped up. He took a lot longer to cum and I enjoyed every second of working his load out of him. After I swallowed his load, and he left, the other two guys turned their backs to me. I left the viewing room.

On the way out, on impulse, I picked up a swinger's magazine, paid for it and left. That night, I was sitting up in bed, pillow behind me, looking over the ads placed by couples and singles who were looking for sex partners. My wife finished her pre-bedtime routine and joined me, lying next to me under the covers, her hand found my cock and she began rubbing it with her fingertips.

"What are you reading, Hon?" The swingers magazine didn't look like other porn magazines. Instead of glossy paper with large color images, it was newsprint paper and black and white. Many of the ads had photos included of the people who had placed the ad. Some were photos of the people engaging in sex with others.

I tilted the magazine so my wife could see. "It's a swinger's magazine." "Some of these photos are pretty hot". My wife stopped rubbing my cock, propped her pillow against the headboard, and sat up next to me. Obviously curious. " So, what's it about?"

I explained that it was an "ad" magazine for people looking for other people to have sex with. "Some of the ads are placed by couples, husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, some are single men or women."

Darlene sat next to me, quietly looking at the ads. "Are these real people?" I told her "Yes, these are real people." Darlene pointed to an ad placed by a married couple looking for single men. The ad had a photo of the wife and husband lying next to each other, naked. A second photo was of the wife being fucked by another man. "So, her husband is O.K. with this guy fucking her?" I said "Yeah, I would guess that her husband took the photo."

We looked through the ads. Darlene would occasionally point to an ad and make a comment about a couple looking "nice", or a guy looking like a serial killer and laugh. "What's BI?" "This one says the wife is BI." I said, "It means she likes sex with both men and women." "Oooh." "This one says they're both BI." I said, "So he's willing to have sex with men and women, and she's willing to have sex with men and women."

West Coast Swingers was a monthly publication, and over the next couple of months, I'd bring home the new issue and Darlene and I would look them over together in bed. She seemed to enjoy looking at and making comments about the photos. Afterward, we'd almost always have some great sex.
One night after some exceptionally good sex, we kicked back and browsed through the new issue of the magazine. Darlene asked me if I ever fantasize about people in the ads. I replied, "Not about any one ad in particular, but I "do" sometimes fantasize about watching you with another man." She seemed surprised at this and asked, " You wouldn't be jealous?" I didn't tell her that just the thought of seeing another man's cock fucking her pussy makes me horny as hell. Instead, I told her "I don't "THINK", I'd be jealous. It's not like you'll be cheating on me." " We will be doing it together."

My wife said, "Wait a minute!" "WE WILL BE DOING IT?" "Do You Actually Want to Try this?"

I tried not to sound too enthusiastic, " Actually, yeah, I wouldn't mind trying it." She sat back against the headboard, silent for a minute. "You'd be fucking other women?" "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it." She hit me. I said, "If we connected with a couple, I'm sure they'd expect me to fuck the wife." "But if you're uneasy about that, we could just respond to ads posted by single men." Some more silence. "You REALLY want me to fuck other guys?" I replied, "I love you more than life Hon, but yes, I'd love to watch you having sex." "But only if you think it's something you would enjoy too."

Darlene was silent for a while, looking down at the ads. Photos of guys displaying their erect cocks. I kept quiet. She flipped through a few pages. Eventually, she said, "Let's do it!" "But no married guys cheating on their wives!" "And I get to pick the ads!" "And you always have to be with me!" I said, "Agreed!" We began looking over the ads with a new perspective.

It took Darlene a couple of days to pick out five ads. She picked out three single men and two couples. I pointed out that one of the couples stated that both are BI. She simply said, "I know." I thought "Damn! I hope this works out!" We got a P.O. box so we wouldn't be sending our address out to strangers. We took some nude polaroid's and sent out the responses. Some to P.O. box addresses, some had to be forwarded by West Coast Swingers for a 1$ fee.

We soon discovered that, like todays internet dating sites, there are fakes, flakes, and photo collectors. We wasted over a month, waiting for replies that never came.

We came to the conclusion that answering ads would be too hit and miss and would consume a lot of time. We called Rod & Sharon, the publishers of the magazine. We explained that we were new to swinging and asked for their advice about the best way to dip our toes into the pond.

Sharon suggested that we attend a party at a swinger's club they run out of a home they owned. It was low key, and no pressure to participate. Darlene asked if any of the club members are BI. Sharon said that several of the members were BI, both male and female. We made reservations for the next Friday night.

Friday arrived. We knocked on the door at the swingers club. Sharon greeted us and gave us a tour of the house. Each of the bedrooms and the garage had been sectioned off into private areas, three mattresses on the floor with sheets hanging down from cords stretched across the room to separate them. The master bedroom had no separations, this was a group room. Out back was a pool, and adjacent hot tub.

There were 15 to 20 people already there. We paid our membership fee, and Sharon showed us to a changing area where we disrobed and grabbed a towel for each of us.

In the living room, people were lounging around, three or four obvious couples, a number of singles. Most had towels around their waist, several were nude with towel in hand and a few still clothed. We got a "Hi, you're new here aren't you?" We explained that we were first timers, more than a little nervous. Testing the water so to speak.

People began wandering off, basically cruising. We got a few invitations. We thanked them, said we wanted to relax and get used to the atmosphere.

We attended several parties, getting to know some of the regulars, but Darlene never gave the go ahead, to play.

Around our 8th or 9th party, We were sitting in the patio area and Darlene went to use the bathroom. Coming back, Ken, one of the regulars we had gotten to know fairly well, blocked her path in the hallway, and asked Darlene "When are we going to play?" She replied "I don't know;" ducked under his arm which he was using to lean against the wall and hurried out to me. She explained what happened. She had mentioned before that she thought Ken was good looking, so I asked "Would you like to fuck him?"

Darlene said "I dooon't know. Maaaybe!

I said "I'll let ken know that we want to hit the hot tub for a bit, then we'll look him up. O.K.?" She said "O.K."

We were only in the in-ground hot tub a few minutes before Ken approached. "O.K. to join you?" I said "Please do!" Ken slid down into the water. next to Darlene. he was on her left, I was on her right. He turned on the bench seat so he was facing us, he rested his right arm on the deck behind Darlene's head. We engaged in small talk about the club, the kind of people who attend the parties, etc.

As we talked, I noticed that Darlene's left arm was moving slightly. The jets had been turned off. I looked down and could just make out through the calm water that she had Ken's cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. I placed my left hand on her thigh and slid it up to her pussy. Ken's left hand was already there. I covered his hand with mine, gave a couple of gentle rubs and moved my hand away. He smiled at me, I gave him a nod of my head.

Ken leaned toward Darlene and placed his lips to hers. He gave her a long, deep kiss, then suggested that we find a private area. Darlene said "O.K."

We found a private area and dropped our towels. We laid on the mattress with Ken on Darlene's left, me on her right. I moved back to give them some room.

I should say here that Darlene was a 5', 100-pound hottie! Her hair was very dark brunette and came down to just past her shoulders. She had it parted into twin ponytails. Her tits were perfectly shaped little "B" cup mounds. Her pussy, which she had shaved, was a perfect little camel-toe and as smooth as glass.

Ken, lying next to Darlene, leaned down and placing his lips to hers began a long deep kiss, his right arm under her neck, his left hand at her right tit, gently rubbing her nipple. Darlene rolled left toward Ken, her right hand felt it's way along his thigh until she found his cock which she began stroking. Ken's cock was a little longer than 7 inches and was quickly getting hard.

When they broke off the kiss, Darlene slid down a little, looked back over her shoulder at me and then took Ken's cock into her mouth. As she began sucking his cock, Ken moved his left hand to her pussy. She bent her leg at the knee, lifting it up a little allowing Ken easy access. I slid down toward her feet and had a clear view of his finger rubbing gently along her slit.

After a few minutes, Ken pulled away. He rolled her onto her back, then onto her right side so she was facing me. He lifted her leg up, bent at the knee and cuddled in behind her. He placed the head of his cock at the bottom of her pussy and began rubbing it back and forth along the length of her slit. He said, "This way your husband has a clear view of what we're doing." He continued rubbing his cock along her slit, the head forcing the lips apart.

She began emitting a low volume "ooh" each time the head of his cock rubbed against her clit. She reached down, and as the head of his cock reached the bottom of her pussy, she pushed it toward her. When he pushed again, his cock slid into her a couple of inches. Another stroke and he was halfway in. Darlene grabbed my hand and squeezed as Ken began fucking her with full, deep strokes.

Ken fucked my wife with his fully engorged cock for a while before he withdrew completely, pulling away from her. She uttered a low "Noo".

He rolled her toward him, so she was lying on her back. He moved over her, pushed her legs apart and supporting his upper body with his forearms flat against the mattress began teasing her pussy with the head of his cock. Darlene wrapped her left arm around the small of his back and with her right hand grabbed his cock placing the head against her cunt. She pulled him down impaling herself with his cock.

Ken began fucking her in earnest. He'd withdraw until just the head was inside her then push hard mashing his pubic hair against her bald pussy. Darlene's moans were getting louder, and she had her hands on his ass, pulling him into her.

I moved down so my head was parallel to their hips. Looking between their bodies as he raised up, I could see the veins bulging in his cock as he fucked her with pounding thrusts.

I noticed that as Ken would thrust his cock into her, she was lifting her hips, thrusting against him. I wasn't just watching another man fuck my wife. I was watching "her" fuck him.

Darlene was getting vocal, emitting an "Oh!" each time he slammed his Cock into her rapid fire. "Oh", "Oh," Oh," "Oh," "Oh." Each "Oh" getting louder than the last.

Darlene suddenly moved her right hand from Ken's ass and grabbed my hand. "Honneeee!" Her orgasm was as intense as any "I" had ever given her. At the same time, Ken gave out a loud groan and pushed into her hard, he held there grinding against her pussy. I could see the muscles in his ass pulsing. Once, twice, three times, four. He let out a deep breath, and collapsed on my wife. Just his upper body supported by his forearms on the mattress.

I moved my head up by Darlene's. Her orgasm was settling, she had a silly smile on her face, her eyes locked on mine. I asked "Good?" She replied in a weak voice, "Oh So good!" I gave her a kiss.

Ken lifted himself up, easing his cock out of my Wifes pussy. Cum had oozed out around his cock during the fucking and her bald cunt was sloppy with the combination of her juices and his cum. He collapsed beside her, then rolled onto his right side looking into her eyes. "Thank you." "You are amazing!" He looked at me. "And thank you for sharing this amazing lady with me. I hope we can do this again sometime soon."

I looked down at Darlene's face. That silly grin was back. I looked at Ken and said, "I think you can count on that!" Darlene whispered, "Oh yes !!!"

Ken gave my wife another kiss, picked up his towel and stood up. Darlene sat up. "You're leaving?" Ken said "Yeah, I figure you two could use some alone time." Darlene said, "But I haven't cum yet!" Her silly grin had turned to a mischievous smile. Ken and I looked at each other, we both broke out laughing. I said, "Bull shit!" "I'll bet the neighbors four houses down the block heard your orgasm!" Darlene said, "You really think people heard me?" A female voice in the private area next to ours piped in, "We definitely heard you here!" A man's chuckle came from the same area. Across the hall, in the group room, someone called out. "Sounded like a good time from over here!" the sound of a couple of people clapping their hands in applause followed.

Darlene's face was turning red in embarrassment. She put her hand over her mouth and whispered "Oh My God!" Ken knelt down on one knee, pulled Darlene's hand away and gave her a quick kiss. In a low voice he said, " I think you're gonna be the talk of the party!" "I'll talk to you guys later." He stood back up, pulled the sheet aside and stepped into the hallway. A male voice called out from the group room "Way to go, Ken!" followed by more applause. I heard Ken say "O.K. guys, cool it!"

I kissed my wife, and gently pushed her back so she was lying down. I ran my hand along her inner thigh to her pussy. Cum was still slowly oozing from her. I looked into her eyes "I want to go down on you." She looked surprised " I need to go clean up!" I said "No, I want you the way you are." But It's another mans cum in me!!" I said, "I know." I moved down and positioned myself between her legs. I raised her thighs up, spread her knees apart, her feet rested on the mattress.

A large puddle of cum lay on the sheet below her ass. I kissed her pubic mound and ran my tongue along her slit to her still oozing opening and pushed my tongue in. I scooped up Ken's cum with my tongue and held it in my mouth for a second or two savoring the taste before I swallowed. I pushed up on Darlene's thighs, raising her ass up and lowered my lips to the puddle of cum that rested on the sheet. I sucked up the cum, savored, and swallowed.

I spent four- or five-minutes cleaning my wife's cunt with my tongue before moving up to kiss her deeply.

Darlene used the bathroom to clean up and we went to the hot tub to relax and talk about what she had just experienced. We were there about 15 or 20 minutes when a man came and sat on the edge of the hot tub across from us, his legs dangling in the water. Blond, attractive, what looked to be at least a 7-inch cock. He introduced himself as Jim. He asked if we were new here. I replied that we've been to a few parties. " You have a lovely wife." I said "Thanks, I think so too." He asked if we enjoyed threesomes with other men.

I looked at Darlene, she looked at me. She took my hand under the water and squeezed. She stood up, waded over to Jim and took his cock into her mouth.

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  • Wow, your wife is a definite keeper! Congrats!
    sergio4u2 02/15/2023 08:54 AM
  • My wife and I had gone to swinger dance socials. We flirted with others on the dancefloor and while sitting at our table but had never actually swapped with another couple.
    We were on a motorcycle ride when our bike broke down. I remembered a couple I had played with years before lived in the area. They came, picked us up and drove us home. We had a chance to chat and talk about the lifestyle. They invited us out on their boat the next day.
    We met them at their marina, had a drink then went for a cruise. The girls lay out on the bow with their tops off while he and I chatted. I told him what we had been up to and hadn't taken the plunge. He told me about recent parties they'd been to and how much fun they'd had on their boat. The girls came back into the boat. His wife took over the controls. I was chatting with his wife and he was chatting with mine. I noticed they were sitting close together and he was fondling her breast, something I'd seen many times at the dances.
    They stood up. "Hey, we're going down to make some drinks and I'll show her the boat. He disappeared below with my wife. I stated and chatted with his wife, fondling her books and kissing her. We cruised like that for quite sometime. They finally came back up on deck. My wife had a great big smile on her face. She gave me a big hug and told me she'd just sucked his cock! Before I could react, she kissed me. A big, wet kiss. Tongue and all. I could taste the tang in her mouth and knew she had sucked him off and gulped it down. I knew things would be very different from now on.
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