Surprise Bi 3-Way

Bi 3-Way

I was seeing a gal, fresh from her recent divorce. She was very hungry for sexual adventures. We started contacting other couples thru online ads and social sites. The swinger dance socials were our favorite. We met several couples we enjoyed swapping with and I really liked watching other guys fucking her. Guess I was imagining them fucking me. Sometimes we would go off on our own and have separate adventures. One couple we met at a dance social took an interest in me and invited me to their home for dinner and a 3-way. Tom and Patty were their names and they were a few years older than I was. Tom was a thick man. You could tell he had been quite muscular in years past. He was about 4 inches taller than I was. Patty had been trim and athletic but her curves were softening now. She still had a nice butt except it juggled when she walked. I liked that. Her breasts had a pear-shape to them with puffy aerola and eraser nipples that enjoyed attention and a fair share of abuse. It was from her that I discovered the pleasure of having mine pinched, twisted and nibbled on.
I arrived on time with a bottle of wine for her. She was dressed in a sexy maid’s outfit. I broke out in a big grin. Yes, this was going to be a great evening. Her burly husband was wearing only boxers so I soon followed suit and dressed down to my shorts too. She was at the counter doing something. Her sexy apron left her butt cheeks exposed. I went up behind to give her a hug and rubbed my growing bulge against her soft cheeks. I reached around, slipped my hands under her apron and fondled those full titties. A moment later, I felt him behind me hugging us both. “Oh yes. We are going to have a very good time tonight.”, Tom said. I could feel his very prominent bulge pressing against my butt thru our underwear. It seemed Tom got very excited seeing other men seducing his wife.
I felt very nervous about this but figured I’d go along with their game and see how this turns out. I could tell he was getting hard rubbing up against my butt. I thought we’d both take turns fucking her but now I wasn’t so sure. Yes, I was uneasy to say the least. Yet I was somehow excited at the possibilities at the same time. He sensed my feelings. “Oh yes. This is going to be fun”, he said as he reached around and groped my swollen bulge. I’d played with men before but only rarely with a woman present. Patty turned to face me and leaned in to kiss me as Tom groped and squeezed the bulge in my shorts. As she broke the kiss, Patty smiled and said “I think Tom really likes you. I know I do!”. This was going to be a new adventure. I was definitely interested.
He and I sat at the table. She brought our drinks. As she leaned over the table to set our drinks down, Tom pulled her titties out from behind her apron. Ummmm. Very nice football-shaped boobies with puffy nipples you wanted to nibble on. And I took the liberty to dip her nipple into my drink and suck it dry. She ran her fingers thru my hair as I did. About then Tom came over, dipped his cock into my drink and said, “My turn!”. Patty laughed and stepped back to watch as Tom slipped his cock into my mouth. I cradled it on my tongue and sucked. He moaned out loud, “Patty, I think he really likes to suck cock!”. “Well, you know how to make sure Tom”, she replied. That’s when I felt his hands on my head as I felt the length of his thick shaft sliding between my lips. The head of his cock pressed into the back of my throat. “Open wide buddy”, he said as he forced the head into my throat. My body convulsed as I gagged on his warm meat but I didn’t pull away. I heard him chuckle as he fucked my mouth and invaded my throat. I began to drool freely and he slipped in more easily. He was moaning deeply now.
“Honey, our dinner is ready. We can continue this for dessert”. Tom pulled his cock from my pursed lips. He leaned down and kissed me. “I like to suck dick too”, he said. We sat at the table and ate a great meal Patty had put out for us. She left her apron tucked between her boobies and they were on full display. We chatted about Swinging and our lives. She told me, “I hope you eat pussy as good as you seem to like sucking my husband’s cock”. Now it was my time to smile. “Oh, yes Ma’am. I’m looking forward to it”. “It’s been difficult for us to find many bi-men in the Swinging Community. We had a good feeling about you and decided to take a chance” Tom said. “I’ve been afraid to come out and be known as bi. Most of the people I’ve met are very accepting of bi-women but not of the men who like to play with both. I’m happy you guys took a chance on me. Yes, I think we all shall have a very good time tonight.”
Neither Tom or I drank any liquor. Patty put a good dent in the bottle of wine I’d bought for her and was getting a bit free. She went off to change into something more suitable for our evening. Tom took my hand and led me to the couch. We sat together, talked about his wife and massaged each other’s bulge in our shorts. “I was never enough for her”, he told me. “Oh sure, we have some great sex together and are deeply in love but Patty has an inner slut that will not be denied. Every once in awhile, she needs an extra cock or two to curb her cravings. About once-a-month, I take her to a gangbang party where she can sample different men. Then we come back home together and live a very happy life. What are your thoughts about us Bob?”.
“Well Tom. I’d hafta say that you are one very lucky son of a bitch! A loving, devoted wife that can be honest with you about her desires is indeed a rare thing. Tell me, do her cravings include being with and sharing other women with you too?”. “Hahahahahaha. Oh yeah. She is a wild creature but cock is her preferred choice.” Right then Tom pulled my cock out of my shorts, leaned over and started sucking my dick! That’s how Patty found us when she walked back into the room wearing only a pink, sheer see-thru nightgown. “Ahhhh yes. Fluff him up nice and fat for my wet pussy my dear husband. Now, go sit in your chair.” Tom got up off the couch and settled into an easy chair nearby. Patty came to me and smiled. “Do you like what you see Bulging Bobby?”
I looked her up and down. For a middle-aged woman, she looked very good. Damned good at that. As I looked her over, I had to slurp some drool that had seeped from the corner of my mouth. “Patty. You are one gorgeous woman!” She straddled me, kneeling on the couch. I could clearly see her naked body beneath the sheer robe. I just looked. She smiled at me and began to slowly open her robe, one button at a time. I could feel the ache in my hardness as she exposed herself to me. Then she pulled her robe open and let it drop to the floor behind her. I watched as her breasts rise and fell with her breathing. I was being hypnotized just gazing at them. My mouth was watering freely.
Patty stroked my face with her soft delicate hands. She leaned in closer, bringing a swollen nipple to my lips. She rubbed it back and forth, gathering up some of my drool as I let the tip of my tongue slither out to taunt her. “Suck it!”, was all she said. I immediately obeyed and wrapped my lips around her taut nipple. I sucked gently as the tip of my tongue began a slow swirl around her swollen nub. She cradled my head and pulled me closer. She was cooing softly as I grabbed her nipple between my teeth and nibbled. I was rewarded with an “Oh Bob!”. I decided to test her limits and bit harder. She sorta growled and pulled my hair as she twisted from side to side and told me to bite harder! That’s when Tom came over, helped Patty up and told me to follow as he led her off to the bedroom. I could see his bulging boner bobbing and swaying as he led us down the hall.
“Oh Bobby. I see you’ve got her pussy soaking wet.” He slipped in behind her body, spooned up close. I heard her moan as he eased his cock into her hot cunt and pulled one leg back over his. Her glistening pussy was fully exposed and stuffed with his thrusting cockmeat. “You liked sucking her clit. Now get over here and suck it some more.”, Tom said. I could see Patty was consumed with lust. I dove right in to suckle and slurp her swollen clitoris. Just as I closed in on it, Tom pulled out of her pussy and shoved right into my mouth. “HoooWee! Two hot cunts for my cock!”, he said. He took turns with us. I sucked her clit as he pounded her pussy making her cum. Right after he would use my mouth until she calmed down then went back to fucking her. After she had cum several times he began fucking even harder. I knew he was going to cum and I started lapping her puffy clit.
Tom started bellowing loudly. Patty was screaming for him to give it to her. I felt his cock begin to spasm as he shot his gushing load into her. 5 – 6 powerful spurts then pulled it out and finished gushing into my mouth! I sucked him dry as he told me to clean his cock, inside and out! When he was finished, he pulled away. “Now, clean out that dirty pussy Bobby!”. I kissed her lips and sucked as my tongue swirled around inside her. I could taste his sour spunk mixed with her sweet juices. I ate her for several long minutes until I was satisfied I had her cleaned out. Then I climbed on to fuck her and leave a deposit for Tom as he watched. Things wound down fairly quickly after that and I got dressed. Tom walked me to the door and thanked me. He told me he was going to get him some sloppy seconds and eat it all up. I went home after that feeling very satisfied.

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  • Super hot story. Kept me hard as I read.
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  • That is one hot story! Thank you for sharing and I have a throbbing boner right now ‘
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