Watch out

This asshole I went to visit boy was a fucker . I offered to help him out and what do I get yelled and and treat me like shit . He said he had this condition bs there is a lot of people with a bypoler condition and function as well as a matter va fact I have a cousin who suffers from it . He knows who he is don’t let him full you . He’s luck I didn’t floor his ass

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  • Very confusing rant.
    Alejo 08/08/2021 01:18 AM
  • Please master rape me good and hard
    Naked69Me 08/05/2021 09:27 AM
  • Who was it? So others can avoid him if he’s a user.
    FurrfaceOK 07/23/2021 06:36 PM
  • Who was it?
    hairybear1111 07/17/2021 07:29 PM