Just wanting to talk.

Um. I honestly don't know how to start this but, hi there, I'm sure most people on here are just trying to get off and all, but I'm not really one of those people. Sorry if I'm wasting anyone's time or anything, I honestly just want someone to kind of chat with and just have a good vibe with. I'm still trying to figure my self out and all and I'm not the best at talking, due to my major anxiety growing up and past with some traumatic stuff. And I'm very love starved of sorts and touch deprived too. [But thats not the point]

Anyways I've very amazed how diverse this place is and I hope to make some cool friends and potetional love interest if it ends up. We'll see how that road leads hah. Also studying in film as well so I do travel for acting and stuff sometimes

I'm just a shy guy so I totally understand if your not interested in wanting to talk or anything but yeah. Hopefully everyone has a great day or night and just stay strong and believe in yourself.

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  • I think we would all like to meet a local in person. We turn here because we feel maybe rejection at a club esp. being older. Or, like me not a very gay area you live in. I know it is always playing in my head "danger Will Robinson" is something feels "off" which is quit often I have found. I hope I am not on here like at 84 still search as I see some do. I have a cut off age in my mind if it does not happen I will bail. It is definatly and easier life to be straight. I wish I was, but, it is not who or how I am. If we were just all honest I think it would be easier for those of us seeking relationships. We would not be thinking in the back of our minds, OK, what's this one want?
    captainone 09/14/2021 07:42 AM
  • Girl please! Anybody with a gnat's brain knows you're just here trying to scam people. You sent me the exact same message on another site and you got busted so don't try your shit here. Leave these men alone.
    alfredeaux 09/01/2021 02:32 PM
  • Buddy opening yourself up as you just did, sharing your issue with us is very brave. You have a damn noble quality about you. Wishing you the very best.
    papagrande50 08/19/2021 09:09 PM
  • On this app 99.99999 % of it all boils down to how good or bad the sex is or how much money is involved
    AuditorManVIP 08/19/2021 05:37 PM
  • Anxiety I know. Had childhood stuff go on.....
    captainone 08/18/2021 08:59 AM