Watched My Brother Breed My Wife

The following is a true account. Conversations are accurate to the best of my recollections. Some are crystal clear in my mind, some not so clear, but I think they're pretty accurate.
In 1982, I was 32, my wife Darlene was 29, 5ft. tall, 100lbs., she had dark brunette hair that came down past her shoulders, cute little "B" cup tits, and was an innocent looking beauty. I could not take her to a bar without her getting carded. Her pussy was a shaved, perfect little camel toe that looked like it belonged on a baby. We'd only been swinging for about six months, but we were doing so with enthusiasm. Kinda like kids turned loose in a candy shop.

In the summer of that year, my younger brother, who was also 29 years old, unexpectedly stopped by for a visit on his way to California from Washington where he'd been living for the last few years. Larry was good looking, about 5ft. 5in. tall, average build. As kids we'd have fun together, pull pranks on each other, fight like cats and dogs now and then, and as we grew into adulthood, we'd occasionally share stories of our sexual adventures. We had both been in the Navy, and I knew he was as much a horny dog as I was. Larry had no idea that I was BI, and I was pretty sure that he was totally straight. Larry and Darlene got along great from the day I first introduced him to my "at that time" girlfriend. They would joke around, trade insults and throw in a flirty comment or sexual innuendo now and then.

Our son was visiting Darlene's parents for a week, so we changed the linens on his bed for Larry to use while he was with us.
The day he arrived, we went out to eat, and spent the evening catching up on family current events. Larry retired to his room, and Darlene and I to ours.
As we lay in bed, Darlene and I talked about Larry dropping in the way he did. Darlene said it was a shame he didn't have a girlfriend. She said "As cute as he is, and with his personality, I don't understand why he doesn't have someone." I said " You've always thought he was good looking, haven't you?" She said "Of course I do, and he's a sweetheart!" I asked "What would you think about seeing if he'd like to join us for a threesome?" She said " A threesome with your brother? Are you sure you want to do that?" I said "I'm O.K. with it. You two have always had a certain chemistry, and I'm sure he could use some stress relief." She said "What if he say's no? Wouldn't that make things awkward?" I said, "The way I've seen him look at you, the way he makes a hug last a little longer than normal, and earlier this evening when you were sitting on his lap in the dining room? When you got up, I'm pretty sure there was a bulge in his pants that wasn't there when you sat down on him. I don't think there'll be a problem." She said "Oh, you noticed that too? I didn't want to say anything. And actually, I found it kind of flattering." She said "O.K. To be honest, I "have" fantasized about him." She asked, "Are you wanting to go ask him now?" I replied, "No, he's here for a few days, I'll hit him up tomorrow."

Our sex that night was amazing. I imagined my wife with her legs spread, and my brother pumping her pussy full of cum. Darlene's orgasm that night was strong, and loud.

The next morning, I got up a few minutes earlier than my brother. We gave our 'good mornings', Larry sat down in an overstuffed chair and turned on the morning news. I went into the kitchen, started a pot of coffee going and sat on the couch across from Larry. I asked him how he slept. He said "I slept great, once I finally 'got' to sleep. I was almost under, when I heard your wife having an orgasm! After that it took a while to get to sleep."

I apologized, "Sorry, she 'can' get a little vocal at times. He said "NO SHIT!"

Darlene emerged from the hallway. She had on a white tube top that hugged her little "B" cup tits nicely. Her skirt was a denim wrap around that covered her from below her navel to not even half way down her thighs. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She headed straight to the kitchen without saying anything. She reappeared carrying a coffee cup which she set on the coffee table. She turned toward me and climbed onto the couch, straddling me and put her arms around my neck. She gave me a healthy kiss and said "Good morning honey!" "Would you like a cup of coffee?" I said "Good morning, that would be great!"

As Darlene backed off of my lap, I remember thinking that she looked HOT! She turned and walked over to Larry who was sitting in the chair with his legs extended out in front of him. Darlene straddled his legs, then brought her right knee up and squeezed it between Larry's hips and the arm of the chair. She did the same with her left knee, then sat on his lap. The slit of her wrap around skirt was in front of her and would have spread open as she straddled him. She put her arms around his neck. She leaned in, gave him a healthy kiss and said "Good morning brother!" "Would 'you' like a cup of coffee?" Larry acted as though he had forgotten how to talk, but finally said " Um, yeah, some coffee sounds good!" Darlene was wiggling her ass slightly on his lap as she asked "Do you take cream or sugar?" He said " Just cream is good." Her arms still around his neck, her ass still wiggling on his lap, she said "I don't think we have cream, is milk O.K.?" He said "yeah, milk's fine." Darlene backed off of his lap, stood facing him for a couple of seconds, her legs spread apart, straddling his legs, then headed to the kitchen saying "Coffee coming up guys!"

Larry looked at me and silently mouthed the words "WHAT THE FUCK?" I said "I think she likes you!" I added "But if she's making you uncomfortable, I'll tell her to knock it off." In a low voice, just above a whisper, he said "If it was anybody else, I'd be in heaven, but it's 'your' wife!" I said " Yeah, she is, but I know she has special feelings toward you, and I'm O.K. with that." Larry said "Dude! She doesn't have panties on!!"

Before I could reply, Darlene came back in with our coffee. She set Larry's on a side table by his chair and set mine on the coffee table near her cup. She sat down next to me and stretched her legs out to rest her feet on the the coffee table. She raised her left knee up, resting the bottom of her foot against the edge and let her knee fall a little to the left. She rested her head on my shoulder for a second, turned, kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, "I'm ready, NOW." Her right knee raised up so she could rest the bottom of her foot on the edge of the table. Her knee fell to the right, so she was now facing my brother with her legs spread open to his view. I looked down at her lap to see that the skirt had pulled open, and there was a clear view of her pussy. Her 'BARE' pussy, just as Larry said. She had no panties on. Darlene was exhibiting a boldness I had rarely seen in her. Larry was looking at us, mouth open in disbelief.

I looked at Darlene and said "Hon, this isn't how I planned on doing things!" She replied, "I know, but I'm so horny right now, and even if he say's "no", this was FUN.

I looked at my brother and said, "O.K. Lar, truth of the matter is that we talked last night, and we both agree that we'd like to have you join us for a threesome. I was going to fly it by you later this evening, but apparently little miss HORNY here doesn't want to wait."

Larry sat up straight in the chair and asked, "Are you guys serious!" I reached out to my wife's knees, spread them a little more, and said, "Yeah, I think she's serious!"

He asked, "And you're O.K. with this?" I replied, "I was the one to suggest it to her!"

Larry looked at Darlene for a few seconds. It was obvious that he wanted her. He looked at me and said "Hey, I'll be honest here and admit I've had fantasies about Darlene, and I'd love to do this but I don't want to do anything that would hurt the relationship we all have". I said " I appreciate that, and I feel the same way, but I'm pretty sure that won't be a problem Lar, Darlene and I have been swinging with other people for about six months now and I actually enjoy seeing her have fun with other guys.

He looked back to Darlene. His eyes seemed to be locked on her bare pussy. I don't think he realized he was running the tip of his tongue across his lower lip.

Darlene said "Pleease say yes?"

He stood up, "What the hell am I hesitating for?" "I'm game! When do we start?

Coffee forgotten, we all headed for the bedroom.

Darlene was naked and on the bed in a flash. Larry was right behind her, and laid down on her left. As I finished taking my clothes off, My wife rolled to her left so she was facing my brother, put her arm around him, leaned in placing her lips to his and began kissing. I laid behind her, on my left side, propped up on my elbow to enjoy the show.

Larry and Darlene spent a fair amount of time making out. Their hands explored each others bodies. Her hand settle in on his cock, exploring with her finger tips, then grasping and stroking. Larry's left hand had settled on Darlene's right breast, gently squeezing, and rubbing her nipple. All the while, they were kissing passionately.

Larry broke of their kiss, and placed his lips over her right nipple, sucking gently. I imagined his tongue massaging her nipple. Darlene's hands rested on the nape of his neck. She was beginning to breathe more heavily. Larry gently pushed her onto her back, and began kissing his way down her body, stopping at her navel for a short time, then continued across her abdomen to her pubic mound. He moved his body around, as he did, Darlene spread her legs apart, allowing my brother to settle between them. Darlene lifted her knees, placing her feet flat against the mattress. Her hands never left the back of Larry's head.

Larry began kissing and sucking on the inside of my wife's right thigh, beginning just below her knee and working down until his cheek was resting on her pussy. He turned his head, kissed her left thigh just below the knee.

I moved a little closer, placed my lips over Darlene's right nipple and began to suck gently, massaging with my tongue tip. My right hand went to her left breast, and using my thumb and forefinger, gently tweaked her nipple. Darlene liked a "light" touch. After about a minute, she began moving her body slightly. Her breathing was getting heavier and she said "Oh Honey!"

I looked down to see that my brother had his right hand against her left thigh, his left hand against her right thigh, pushing her legs farther apart, and his mouth covered her pussy. I couldn't see what his tongue was doing, but it was definitely doing something right. My wife was thrusting her crotch against my brothers face in a slow rhythm, her hands still on the back of his head. Over the next 30 seconds, I watched the rhythm increase rapidly, and heard "Ahh, Ahhh, Ahhhh! Honnneeey!" Larry was now a prisoner of my wife. She had his head in her hands, grinding her bald pussy against his face. She had wrapped her legs around his upper back, and was humping his face like a horney dog humping someone's leg. I felt no pity for my brother. I've been in that same position many times. I knew that he was experiencing the satisfaction a man gets from giving his partner a strong orgasm, and I also knew he was at this very moment licking up his reward. Darlene gets "very" wet when she cums that hard.

Her orgasm was settling, I could see her abdominal muscles tighten up occasionally. I leaned down toward Larry, and in a low voice, "Try to avoid licking her clit." "At this stage, it's so sensitive, it's actually uncomfortable for her when it's touched."
Darlene had relaxed her hold on my brothers head. He lifted his head up, said, " Thanks, that's good to know." He smiled and lowered back down to continue licking around the bottom of her pussy, just above her ass hole.

When he finally came back up for air, and move up to lay beside Darlene, I looked at him and couldn't help myself. "Dude, your face looks like a glazed donut!" He just grinned. I made a quick trip to the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel and tossed it to him. I settled in next to my wife. She looked at me and said, "My muscles don't want to work. I feel like I can barely move." She said, "Honey?" I said, "Yeah?" " Thank you for letting me have this." "This was 'REALLY' good!" I said, "You're welcome babe, but we're not through yet." She turned her head to look at my brother who was laying to her left, stroking his cock slowly. It was almost fully erect, about 6 and a half inches, with a beautiful mushroom head. When she looked back to me, she was smiling. I said, "Take a short breather, then brace yourself."

We rested for a while, just light kissing, Larry and I letting our hands roam over Darlene's body. At one point, I was kissing Darlene's abdomen, when Larry leaned in to begin kissing Darlene on the lips. As he leaned in, his erect cock pushed over her abdomen and the head bumped into my cheek. I resisted the urge to slide my mouth over his cock, but I wanted to 'SO' bad!"
Larry broke off their kissing to say "Sorry bro!" and backed away slightly. I said "Don't worry about it. When you do what we're doing now, there's gonna be some contact." I took his cock in my hand, lifting it away from her body slightly and said, " I'm anxious to see what this guy can do for her." Darlene piped in, "I'm kinda anxious for that too!"

Darlene slid down, toward me, making me release Larry's cock and she picked it up, stroked it slowly a few times before lowering her head to take it into her mouth. Larry said "Oh Fuck!", layed back and stared at the ceiling letting Darlene go to work. It only took a couple of minutes for Larry to say, "Shit! I'm getting close!" Darlene stopped, and let go of his cock. She watched him intently to see if she had stopped soon enough. If he started to shoot, she'd have him back in her mouth in a heartbeat. Larry said, "Damn! I almost lost it!"

I moved around saying "Let him relax for a minute Hon." I pulled her over me into a "69" position and began eating her pussy. She took my cock and began sucking slowly. Larry rolled onto his right side and had a close up view of my wife sucking cock. She sucked me gently, the way she does when she doesn't want me to cum too soon. I was enjoying the feel of her smooth pussy against my lips and tongue. After a few minutes, I hear Darlene say, " Get behind me and fuck me!" I hear Larry, "While he's eating you?" She said, "YES!"

Larry moved behind her. I had a perfect view as he positioned his cock against her slit, and pushed it into her cunt. I just rested there watching his cock fuck my wife just inches from my face. I didn't wait long. I put my tongue to her slit, licking from her clit down to his cock and back again. I did this several times, then when I reached her cock filled opening, I didn't stop. I licked along his cock to his balls. I moved back to her opening, and clamped my lips over her pussy, and his cock shaft at the same time. I held there. As he fucked my wife, my brothers cock shaft rubbed over my lips at the same time.

I don't know how long this went on before I heard Larry say "FUCK!" He pushed in hard and held there. I backed away slightly. Looking behind his ball sack, I could see his perineum pulsing as he pumped his cum into my wife. With each pulse, he let out a grunting sound. When he finished cumming, and started to slowly slide his cock out, I put my lips back against her opening, and his cock. I felt the head slide over my lips, then a large gob of cum began to ooze out. I opened my mouth, and as his cock head cleared her pussy, cum poured into my mouth. My brother sat back on his heels. I swallowed and then covered my wife's cunt with my mouth. I licked and sucked my wife's pussy clean, before letting my head fall back to the mattress.

Darlene moved away and laid down next to me. Larry moved to her left and laid down on his side facing her. I spun around and laid, facing her on her left. Larry said, "Fuck, I feel like my balls have been sucked up into my gut!" I said, "It 'did' look like you came pretty hard." He said, "Yeah, it was fantastic!" He grabbed the hand towel and tossed it at me, saying "Who looks like a glazed donut now?"

We rested a few minutes. I gave Darlene a kiss and said "Time to spread em Hon. It's my turn." She spread her legs. I positioned myself over her and she guided my cock as I lowered my self into her freshly fucked pussy. I fucked her until she started thrusting back against me and the familiar "HONNEEEY!" came signaling her orgasms'. I kept fucking and didn't stop till I was drained.

We rested a while, just talking. Larry seemed comfortable. Thanked us for letting him join us. Darlene whispered in my ear, and I said, "Yeah." I looked at Larry saying, "You've still got two days before you have to leave. Why don't you just sleep here with us instead of Ted's room?" He said, "Really? Sounds good to me!"

Darlene said, " Why don't we get cleaned up, and go get some lunch?"

The next two and a half days were spent entirely at home, only leaving to get something to eat. I let Larry and Darlene enjoy a fair amount of private time together, which Darlene thanked me for later.

The next time we saw Larry, two years had passed, and he was married. He told me his wife did not know about our sharing, and was "super" straight laced. We never played with Larry again.

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