I want to be as honest as possible

I am a 28-year-old boy, two weeks ago they cut staff at my job in Mexico, the pandemic together with the supply crises are leaving the company where I work in bankruptcy so many friends including myself I am unemployed and I feel desperate why I have to pay for college and I have no money, There is no work, and it really is desperate and I worry about not being able to go to university ... I prefer sex service and not crime

That is why I offer my services to you, I am a Botton boy with a medium physical complexion, I am 1.76cm- 5 "9, I am big butt, thick legs, brown eyes and dark brown hair, cinnamon pier .....

What am I willing to do?
Submissive, suck, fuck, not hard blows and no blood
The limits are set by you, if you are interested contact me ⚠️

Email: torcanmike@gmail.com
Phone number: +522881164585

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  • I wish you were in NYC I would help you
    Michael310 12/05/2021 02:18 AM
  • Nice profile
    carbon 11/13/2021 12:49 PM