His Wife Wanted to Watch

When I was around 45 years old, I had a job that allowed for all the overtime I wanted, including working holidays. My workday started at 2 A.M. I'd tell my wife that I had to go in two hours early, or I'd call her and say I had to work two hours late. This allowed me some free time to cruise the Midland Rest Area, or the small county park that I'd pass on my way to and from work.
The park has a plywood building with two doors. Entering either door puts you in a small room with just a single pit toilet with a plywood wall separating it from the other room. The painted plywood walls were just begging for guys to scribble messages on it.
One day, I stopped to take a leak on my way home. As I relieved myself, I looked the walls over and noticed a new message among the normal " I suck big cocks, leave #" type of messages that cluttered the wall.

It read, "My wife wants to watch me being fucked by a man. I'm 39 yrs. 5'8", 165lbs, 6 inches, decent looking. She's 35 yrs., 5'2", 105lbs and Hot ! I've never been with a guy. Leave way to contact. D&D."

At this stage of my BI life, I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I was a bottom, but I'd fucked a few guys in the past and as I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, this message intrigued me. If this guy was for real, it could be fun. So below his message I wrote "I'm 45, 5'8", 140lbs. 7" cock, cut. I'll fuck you, but she has to be as naked as us while she's watching. Try CB channel 2. I'm usually in the area here around 11A.M to 11: 30A.M. Steve".

I live in a rural area and many people have CB's in their vehicles. If he didn't have one, he'd have to leave a message with an alternate way to contact. I sure wasn't going to leave my home phone#. Chances are that this was a waste of time anyway.

Over the next week, I kept my CB on channel 2 just in case. Around the fifth day, I was approaching the area of the park when my CB came to life. " How about that Steve? Are you out there?" My stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. Was this "D&D?" or was it someone else who saw the messages? I live in an area where everyone drives by the park on their way to K-Falls. If I answer up, and meet this guy, will it end up being someone my wife and I know? What now? The turn off for the park was coming up pretty quick. I keyed my mic " Hi, is this D&D?

I could see the parking lot at the park. there was only one vehicle, a green Chevy Blazer. My CB said "yeah, it is. Are you Steve? I said "yes, I'm pulling in now." I turned into the parking lot and parked next to the Blazer. The occupant exited his car as I got out of my truck and held out his hand, " Hi, I'm Don". I shook his hand, "I'm Steve".

Don was a nice-looking guy, average build with a closely trimmed beard and mustache. He was wearing a blue T-shirt, and dark blue loose fitting jogging shorts. I told him I was pleasantly surprised that we were actually making contact. He told me that he was nervous as hell, and almost chickened out but he really wanted to do this. I explained that I was just as nervous, and that it's normal to be so when meeting someone like this.

I explained to Don that I have to be "very" discreet, as my wife didn't know about my extra-curricular activities. As we talked, we had moved back to the door of his Blazer and Don sat on the seat facing me. When he rested his foot on the door sill, his knee raised up and I could see up the leg of his shorts to reveal that he was going "commando" and his balls and the head of his cock were visible.

He showed me a wallet photo of his wife. Donna was a "very" attractive brunette, in a black dress that stopped just above her knees, slender body with great looking legs and breasts that were smallish but looked perfect on her body.

As Don and I figured out the details of our getting together, my gaze kept returning to the leg that he had raised. When I glanced back up, he was looking straight at me, and I knew I'd been busted. I said, " That's a nice cock and balls". I slid my hand inside the leg of his shorts and caressed his cock. He sucked in his breath and said, " I'm glad you like em".
Our vehicles were parked in a way that had the passenger side toward the highway. If I knelt down, no one driving by would see me. I knelt down, pushed the leg of his shorts up a little and slid my lips over the head of his cock. He said "Oh fuck". I sucked his cock into my mouth and gave it four or five strokes. I stood up and said " Just to show you this can be very real".

We made our plans to meet on Labor Day, a little over a week away. I'd tell my wife I'd be working the holiday, and Don would meet me at the Chevron station in town and I'd follow him to his place.

As planned, we met at 1 A.M. And went to his house. When we entered the living room, Donna was seated on the couch. She wore a silky grey nightie that covered her to mid-thigh, low cut with thin shoulder straps. I introduced myself, shaking her hand, and told her Don was very lucky to have a wife as open and lovely as she was. I asked her if she was just going to watch? Or would she be joining in? She replied that she wasn't sure. Don piped in that he "wanted" her to join in. I let him know that would have to be her choice. I asked them if they had ever had a threesome before? Donna said that they had both experienced a threesome in the past, but not together. It was in previous relationships.

I looked at Don, "Do we play in the living room? " He said "let's go to the bedroom", and Donna got up and led the way. In the bedroom I began undressing, as did Don. Donna slid her shoulder straps off and let the nightie slide to the floor. She was a beauty, with slender legs, cute little tits, and an ass that made my mouth water. She picked up a dildo from the night stand, and went to a chair across from the foot of the bed and sat down.

Don and I, now naked got on the bed. I was laying on my left side, my back toward Donna. He sat not quite cross legged with his left knee near my head. He said " I'm not sure how we start". I said, "simple, think of something you'd like to do, and go for it". With that, I lowered my head to his lap and sucked the head of his limp cock into my mouth. He let out a gasp, straightened his legs so he was laying on his side facing me and took my cock into his hand and slid his mouth over the head.

I sucked on his now stiffening cock. I placed my hand on his hip, let it slide over his ass and gently squeezed his ass cheek. His cock was quickly getting rock hard. I started tasting pre cum, and removed his cock from my mouth, stroking it with my hand and watched as pre cum started to pool on the tip. I licked the liquid off the tip and lowered my mouth to his balls. I licked his ball sack all over, sucked first one ball into my mouth, sucked gently as I slid my lips over it, then moved to the other one.

Taking my mouth from Don's balls, I rolled onto my back and glanced over at Donna. She was in the chair, legs spread, her knees raised up, her heels resting on the edge of the chair. My view of her pussy was blocked by the hand that was working the dildo, fucking herself with short slow strokes. her eyes were fixed on her husband, watching his head bob up and down over my cock. Damn! she looked so fucking hot !!

I returned my attention to Don. There was pre cum leaking down his cock. I slid my open mouth over the full length, closing my lips at the base of his cock and raised my head, not wasting a drop of his nectar. Don was doing a good job of sucking his first cock, and I didn't want it to go too far yet.

I placed my hand on his ass cheek and pulled him toward me, forcing him onto his stomach. I moved my hand to the crack of his ass and slid my fingers to his asshole. I began massaging his hole with my finger. He said "Oh shit!", I said " You can tell me to stop anytime." He was silent.

I moved around to his left side, laying on my stomach, my lower legs out over the edge of the bed, my head even with his ass. Donna would have a clear view of everything I was doing.

I put my middle finger in my mouth, coating it with saliva. Don's ass was round, very little hair, and fit the definition of a "bubble butt." I pulled the left cheek toward me a little, put my wet finger to his puckered hole and pushed in a little. I worked an inch or so into his ass. I removed my finger, lowered my face to his ass. I inhaled through my nose. I'm thinking he showered earlier in the day, but not too recently. His ass had a musky aroma that made my mouth fill with saliva. I spread his cheeks and placed my mouth over his hole, pushing my tongue in as far as I could.

I spent four or five minutes working Don's ass with my tongue, licking, sucking and tongue fucking him for all I was worth. He began lifting and lowering his hips, pushing his ass against my face. Oh yeah, he was getting into this.

I deposited a pool of saliva on his hole, pulled his legs apart and positioned myself between them. I moved up so I was over Don's body and placed the tip of my cock against his asshole. I began to pump against his hole with very short strokes. I told Don to concentrate on relaxing his muscles. "Don't tighten up". I pushed. He grunted. "Try to relax". I eased up then pushed again. After about two minutes of this, I felt the head of my cock "pop" into his hole. I held there for a minute, then began pumping his ass slowly until I was balls deep.

I laid on top of Don and turned to look at Donna. The dildo had been abandoned and she was staring at us, open mouthed. I raised myself up, still looking at her face, until just the head of my cock was left in Don. I pushed in all the way. He grunted loudly. I grabbed Don's hips, pulling him up as I raised to my knees, putting him on his hands and knees. I began fucking him with full strokes in a steady rhythm. After a couple of minutes, Don asked if we could take a break. I pulled out and laid down.

After a short break Don said, "I want to fuck you". I said, "I'd like that". I was laying on my back. He moved to my right side and knelt there. I rolled onto my right side and began sucking his now limp cock. In no time, it was up and ready. He pushed me over onto my left side, laid behind me and began pushing his cock against my hole. Our backs were toward Donna. I don't think his head was even all the way in when he said "shit" and pulled away. He shot a nice load of cum onto my right hip. He said "fuck, I didn't want to do that". I said "that's o.k., it happens". He said he needed to use the bathroom, got off of the bed and left.

I looked at the cum resting on my hip, and with my left hand scooped up what I could with my fingers and put it into my mouth. "It tastes good, doesn't it?" I looked behind me, my fingers still in my mouth and there was Donna. I swallowed and said " yes it does." "I like the taste of cum." She said "Me too."

When Don came back, his demeanor was "different". He acted fidgety/high strung. I'm thinking he had a few quick hits of something while he was gone.

I rolled onto my back, propped myself up on my elbows. I asked if he was o.k. and he said he was. He began stroking my cock, then began sucking me. I laid back down and let him enjoy my cock which was quickly getting hard again. Less than a minute passed, and Donna climbed onto the bed beside me.

Don was on my left, sucking my cock. Donna laid next to me on my right. She was laying on her left side, her hips near my head, watching her husband suck me. I looked to my right. I couldn't resist. I propped myself up with my right arm, twisted at the waist and reached over to caress her hip and that awesome ass. I leaned toward her and kissed her on the hip. She lifted her left leg, bending it at the knee. I kissed her abdomen. She moved herself a little closer. She took my cock from her husband and began sucking.

My tongue found its way from her abdomen to her pussy. Her pussy! I have never seen a pussy that perfect. Shaved bare, not a hint of stubble, just smooth skin. Her slit was just a smooth line. Not even her clit was visible. I placed my lips over her cunt and worked my tongue into her slit. I began licking the length of her womanhood. Aaah, there's her clit. I could feel it with my tongue. I sucked gently, licking and savoring her juices which were beginning to flow.

I pulled her over me into a "69" position. She was moaning as she was sucking my cock, and I could feel her body spasm several times as we enjoyed each other.

I'm not sure how much time passed before Don took her by the shoulders and moved her off of me and onto the bed, laying her on her back. " I want you to fuck her!", I looked at Donna, and though the nod of her head was barely noticeable, it was clear to me that she was willing.

I spread her legs and positioned myself between them on my knees. Her feet were flat against the bed, knees raised. I took her by the hips and pulled her toward me and placed my cockhead on her slit. I spread her pussy open with my left fingers, exposing her clit and rubbed my cocks head around it. She let out a moan, and I saw her abdominal muscles tighten.

Don put his hand on the small of my back and pushed saying "Put it in!". In a low voice, I said "Easy, guy. We want this to be good for her too, right?" He eased up, and I put my cock to her slit, sliding it up and down, forcing her lips apart and pushed my cock in to the hilt. She cried out, and grabbed me by the waist and said "Don't move." I froze. Her body was convulsing. Her hands went to my neck, pulling me down over her. after about 30 seconds, she whispered in my ear "o.k., fuck me!"

I began fucking her in a steady rhythm with full length strokes. Don moved up by her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. As she sucked his cock, she seemed to moan nonstop, one moan after another. I put my lips to her neck, kissing and sucking gently as I fucked her. We fucked like this for a couple of minutes before I couldn't help it. I shoved into her as deep as I could, and let out a moan as my cock erupted inside her. Several more strong thrusts, and I was drained.

We relaxed for a few minutes when Donna said "Look at the time!" "The kids will be waking up before long!"

They allowed me to use the bathroom to wash my face, and crotch area so I wouldn't bring any of Donna's aroma home with me. We said our goodbyes and I left.

A few months later, I called to see if they'd like to get together on a holiday coming up. Don told me he'd rather not get together again.

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