NEW section for FUROLOGY 101 new examples on showcaseing the Man fur!

My first student had success - of course, not enough fur- it NEVER is for us to satisfy our desire. One thing that gave my student hope over months of practicing was ; i told him to buy a mirror that magnified times 10 power. Go to Sally Beauty Supply (a national chain) or a larger beauty store. After a few months my student thought he would quit trying to grow- Fur- NOOOOOOOOOOOO! –

He got the mirror and started to look around to see any progress. He told me that if the lighting was just right, he saw a some of what they call "Peach Fuzz" in areas that NEVER had any Fur- this is what NEW fur Looks like when it first comes in. it is so short and clear that he could not see it right away, He also said that one idea, with using the mirror, renewed his whole determination to grow Fur!

I told him to keep looking at His new fur and masturbate looking at it in the mirror- and say stuff like "Yeah grow my fur like 1GoldenBear. Another point well taken, that I’ve practiced is to have an Idol, THINK of a Man you've seen and memorized his Hairy look as much as you can - I have a Man called the P.F.Chang man- He is MY fucking Idol. (He’s what I want I want to look like!) first saw him at a Outdoor Mall His arm Hairs are so Blond, they shone like Blond fire in the sun. He was about 30 feet away from me. I was overwhelmed; you could say stunned-He had on a short sleeved shirt of a light blue color- I stood frozen for so long, The straight guy that was with me asked “What’s wrong?” I stammered out we;;, I was just thinking. . . .blah,blah,blah. (I was really instantly memorizing ever fucking Hair I could see on his body. )

His Fur looked like if you lightly touched them they'd feel kind of wirery. Ya know, a slight bounce If you were “Allowed” to touch them. I saw this guy in fount of P.F.Chang Chinese restaurant five years ago. I tell you this has really helped me to stay on course. Growing Fur is somewhat slow at first and having an Idol to "Worship" connects your brain and your body to" you memory of his Hairiness and "PROGRAM" your mind to MAKE IT HAPPEN- More on THAT when we talk. (Remind me to tell you about Joseph Dispenza) seriously! Don’t forget.

But I digress, as my straight buddy and I walked toward the restaurant, I said goa head, and get seated, I wanna “Talk” to somebody. He went in, and I visually “Devoured” this GoldenBear Guy. I walked up and around him watching in fascination of how the light of the sun “Played on His Hairy arms, (also a favorite of mine).I was about two feet from him by his back side. Getting the hardest boner I have ever gotten in my life (Smile, again)then I moved to His side and got a good close-up look at the best forearm Fur I have ever seen, too bad I did’nt get to touch it-The boy inside me might have fainted on the spot. I only tripped over my tongue twice -

So anyway If it weren't for the P.F.Chang Man I have locked in my brain, I assure you that I couldn’t be the Blond Hairy Man I am today. As a side note: the COLOR He was wearing- made His Blond Fur SHOWCASE the intensity of His fur- which inspired my to do an article on what COLORS SHOWCASE Body Fur the best.

Since I consider myself an expert on Men’s virility, and masculine power- I find that Blonds that usually wear army olive Green to magnificent effect. Nave blue has a similar effect. Black Furred Men wearing White t-shirts and white dress shirts to powerful levels- although, it also drives me nuts to see a guy in a long sleeved dress shirt with black fur creep’in out from His Cuff’s and dark Fur on His knuckles! OR just- a –few Hairs show’n at the open collar on His Adams apple put’s me over the top- GOD! I must sound so SICK to people who don’t have this Fetish.

COLOR continued . . . .
Red headed Hairy guys – do well with light “powder blue” shirts and T’s.( I hope your dick is hard by now!)
“Salt and pepper” “Polarbears” Guys hummmmmmmm, are an acquired taste- sometimes hot sometimes not- I find that the real truth is Salt & pepper works (In my opinion) only if you are extraordinary good looking. My personal preference in this category- is unusual. I had a sex date with a guy that looked like a black bear, which I do like, and when He got out of his cloths, He had a LOT of Grey across the top of his chest. well, darn, I fall into the preference of age- ism After playing around for a while, I said to him I wish I could seen Him before He went Grey. I asked other guys if unconsciously, gray Hair sometimes denotes a loss of power if in comparison to a Man with Black Bear Fur in his 30’s to mid 40’s denotes a Dad just past prime sexual power. NOT in every case we both know, but given a choice, a Man in his 30’s to 40’s with Black Fur, is the epitome of young Dad power. SO I asked him if I could bring Him a “Rinse color” that will take away the grey and make him look like the younger version of Himself I told Him He could rinse it off later if he wanted.

I met him 2 weeks later, he said He thought a “Color rinse” was rather Feminine but, what I explained was true on some level. He opened His dress shirt a short moment later ,and all I could Muster was WOW,WOOF! and DOUBLE WOOF!- He did the rinse, as an experiment, He actually like it! And it gave Him more sexual feeling than even if it was only in his own mind .He his errections were harder, like he had 20 years ago ( I know this is all in his own mind). (Smile) He also mentioned that He LIKED younger guys, and they usually mis-aged him by 10 years older, before the "rinse"- OK as you can tell - - I’m not into Fur THAT much . . . .HA!

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