Popping My Cherry

figured writing about my first time would be a good way to introduce myself on here

Horny and bored, spending the night getting stoned, trying on panties and thongs and browsing craigslist. Eventually I got too turned on and posted an ad. I kept it brief since I planned on chatting first to see if we clicked. 10min after posting i had a message and we started chatting. He was kinda nearby (20-30min) and seemed nice enough. He liked that i was younger (18) and would cross dress for him and i liked that he was older (mid 40’s). I’ve only ever gone for older men and maybe this experience is why!!

I got lost on the way to his place and almost bailed. I had packed up a sexy outfit for him and didn’t want to not use it. I eventually stopped at a steakhouse and asked for directions. Finally, I’m at his place. I park and knock on his door. A guy answers, average height average build with a mustache. He invited me in and we hugged. I was so incredibly nervous i decided to overcome it by being slutty and i immediately dropped to my knees in front of him and began rubbing his cock through his jeans.

His cock was out and in my mouth soon enough and i was sucking my first cock. He was definitely enjoying getting head from a cute 18 year old because soon he announced he was going to cum. I was too scared to swallow so i pulled his cock out of my mouth and had him cum all over my face.

I excused myself to go clean up in the bathroom and get dressed. I washed most of the cum off and then did lip plumper and gloss. a sexy lace top. a thong, and a short skirt. He was sitting in his lay-z-boy naked and watching TV. He led me into the bedroom and we kissed while he explored my body.

He hiked up my skirt and felt up my ass. I turned around and bent over the bed. He pulled my thong down and put on a condom. Ever the gentleman, he again asked me if was 18. Once i said yes he was entering me and taking my virginity. It didn’t hurt at all. He stood behind my and fucked me from behind for about five minutes before he was cumming again.

I asked him for gas money i didn’t need because i wanted to feel like a whore and i drove home :)

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  • Wish I had that ass in front of me sometime.

    Puroyo 04/04/2023 12:59 AM
  • You have a beautiful sexy ass. Love it!
    sergio4u2 02/15/2023 09:15 PM
  • Very hot story my friend. You have a great ass, that looks incredible in panties. I can see why he blew his load quickly.
    Daddy Tony
    TrAnt 02/04/2023 08:58 PM