How I got started

I was 17. I was used to hitching rides around town to get to places. Older guys would pick me up, reach over to rub my dick then park somewhere to suck me off. Good arrangement for me. This guy in his late 50's or early 60's picked me up. Like the others, he wasted no time to reach over and rub my crotch. He said he knew a place where we could both get sucked off and asked if I wanted to go. I eagerly accepted his invitation.
He took me to his buddy's home. He was in his 60's and very excited to meet me. He walked me over to the couch, dropped my pants down around my ankles then sat me down. My cock was hard and he got to work right away. He was sucking me deeply. Gawd that felt so good. I leaned back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the blowjob. I felt a heavy weight on the couch with me. I opened my eyes and the driver was standing over me, naked! His cock right at my lips. I gasped in surprise and he shoved it into my mouth.
I had never sucked a dick before nor ever wanted to. I tried to get away from him. His knees were on my shoulders, pinning me in place. His hands held my head as he vigorously fucked my mouth. I was gagging on his cockmeat. His friend squeezed my balls as he continued to suck. Something happened to me. I was getting turned on by gagging on his swollen cock. All of a sudden, I didn't want him to stop and welcomed his onslaught. He could feel it too.
He crushed his balls against my face with every thrust. Faster and faster. I was choking and sucking as I grabbed his ass cheeks. I could feel his excitement as his cock swelled in my mouth just before it began squirting into my mouth. He never slowed down but actually thrust harder! I was forced to swallow and gulp it down or drown in his sperm. When he was finished, he pulled out and moved away. His buddy stood there with a boner and a big smile. As if in a trance, I leaned forward and offered my mouth to him. He took full advantage, fucked my mouth and fed his load to me.
I had never sucked a dick before. Now, I had just sucked off 2 different guys, swallowed their cum and liked it. The driver told me he had friends he wanted to introduce me to. And he did.

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  • Thanks for posting that was a great story.
    OCDaddy 07/01/2023 07:48 AM
  • Great story, hope you tell about some of the times he introduced you to others.
    a_mous258 06/16/2023 04:55 PM
  • Hot Story!!
    gdad4u 03/01/2023 10:48 AM
  • Great story; hot and a great introduction to MM sex.
    sergio4u2 02/15/2023 08:26 AM
  • That story is so HOT!!! I wish I could have such an amazing experience like that.
    Soft_lips_4_U 01/25/2023 05:51 AM
  • Hey!
    potpot 01/24/2023 01:26 PM
  • Hot story ! Very similar to my own. I was a bit younger and loved older men !
    califdaddy 01/22/2023 07:56 PM
  • That was such a hot story
    Top4U 01/02/2023 10:48 PM
  • Interesting story...
    I was yngr. skinny lil blonde and older black neighbor and we would do stuff got and more advanced when I got more use to stuff. I just wonder if it was with a woman if I would be straight today ?
    captainone 12/27/2022 03:11 PM
  • That was an awesome story
    daniel3000 12/23/2022 09:56 AM
  • Lobe it
    Worshipthecock1 12/18/2022 06:15 PM
  • Funny how that also happened to me at that age. Only difference, was no one tried to make me suck, it just happened. Hot story bud!!
    TrAnt 12/17/2022 05:22 PM
  • Stroking my cock, now!
    Love to know more!
    Hrychad 12/12/2022 09:04 AM