my first approach with a habré older than me

I was in the first grade of high school, every time I went to school I passed by my best friend since my house was two houses away from mine.what
On a Monday any pass for my friend but he was not there, the Sunday before he left the city and he knew why I was at a family party
I entered his house with confidence, between normal, but his dad was in tight underpants, he was a tall, athletic and attractive man (and he continues to raise it to date) At that time I was already attracted to men, at school I liked to touch the cocks of my classmates, and I really couldn't hide when I saw his dick and it was like looking at a candy that they don't want to buy you. I turned around and I turned around and went to school, all day I thought about it and the image of my friend's father did not come out of my head.
As the days went by I went to my friend's house again and he was not there anyway, and only his father was there and he told me come help me raise a bench. I approached him and he was wearing loose sports shorts, He wasn't wearing anything underneath and I just saw how he was playing his cock with him and come and go when we moved to raise the bench I couldn't really uninstall and my gaze was fixed with the intention that he will notice. she noticed and asked me if she looked good and I really told her yes... I saw her get fat in her shorts and I just took it off I felt commissioned but it was too big... but what mattered most to me is how it dripped . Seeing how he was drooling I felt that my cock was running out and he asked me if I wanted a blow job, with his hand between his balls shaking it and the drool was all over his head and I couldn't say no .
He asked me, he put his cock on my lips and smeared his liquid on my lips I slowly opened my mouth and slid his cock to the bottom of my throat I saw his face looking up and while I felt how his balls passed over my chin and the hairs in my nose, I will never forget that man's smell, sexy sweaty...I saw his face again and saw that he was pleased to feel my throat.. he fucked my mouth so yuumy, when he cummed inside my life he made the most beautiful moan I've heard so far I will never forget that moment!!

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  • How may times did you see your friends father and suck him off, did he ever fuck you? Did your friend ever find out?
    Littlerascal41 04/02/2023 04:58 PM
  • I can feel your love for cock as you write. Wish you were closer so we could meet. You are sexy as heck. Thank you.
    sergio4u2 02/15/2023 09:27 PM
  • Needs edit
    Salemkhan45 01/19/2023 11:01 PM