First Time In An Adult Theater

This Is A True Account
In 1970, I was 19yrs. old, fresh out of Navy boot camp and in Jacksonville, Florida to attend Aviation Electrical Systems school. I arrived in Jacksonville two weeks ago. The night I arrived, I lost my virginity to a hooker at the George Washington hotel. Prior to that, I'd never even seen a woman fully naked in the flesh. The only porn I had seen was some Playboys my best friend's dad had stashed in their garage.

I was now on weekend liberty, in my Whites, uniform of the day in that warm climate. I was standing in front of an adult theater. I had heard about "skin flicks", but had never seen one. Now that I was an adult, and could legally go in, I wanted to check it out. I bought my ticket and entered the theater.

When I entered the movie room, I had to pause, and let my eyes adjust to the dim light. I was standing in an aisle that angled downward toward the movie screen. To my right were 15 or 20 rows of seats with about ten seats in each row. On the far side of the rows was another aisle like the one I was standing in.

I stood there looking at the screen where a pretty woman was being fucked by a well hung stud. She was moaning loudly, and he fucked her hard and fast. I'm not sure how long I stood there, engrossed in the action on the screen, before I moved to find a seat. I looked to my right. There were several other men seated throughout the rows of seats. Two men seated next to each other were to my right, farther down four or five were scattered, and closer to the screen there was another couple. three or four of the men were looking at me.

Feeling self conscious, I moved to the center of the seating and took a seat around the middle between the two aisles, with no one immediately around me. I settled down and concentrated on the sex taking place on the screen. There were now two men with the woman, and she was sucking one guy while being fucked by the other. This was definitely not playboy porn, and I found myself totally engrossed in what I was watching.

As I watched the sex taking place on the screen, I found myself getting aroused, and my cock began to harden up. I looked around. There was no one near me, and I couldn't resist rubbing my crotch lightly as I watched the screen. In the dim light, I was sure no one could see what I was doing. As my cock got harder, it was getting bound up in the crotch of my pants, and I had to unzip my fly and reached in to reposition my cock so it was directed into the left leg of my pants. That was "so" much better. I returned my attention to the screen, massaging my cock bulge lightly with the fingers of my left hand.

I suddenly caught some movement to my right. Turning my head, I saw that there was a man seated in the same row as me near aisle on that side. How long had he been there? Was he there when I was repositioning my cock? As dark as it was, I was sure he couldn't see me rubbing myself with my fingers, but I put my arm up on the armrest anyway. I returned my attention to the screen.

It wasn't very long before my hand returned to my left leg. My cock was demanding attention. It was dark enough that I was sure my neighbor couldn't see the movement of my fingers on my cock. I'm not sure how much time passed, when my neighbor stood up. I thought "good", with him gone I don't have to worry about getting caught.

Instead of leaving, he moved toward me and sat next to me. He extended his right hand across to me. "Sip of bourbon?" In his hand was a paper bag. I could see the neck of a bottle extending from it. I was confused and unsure, but accepted the bottle, took a sip, and when I got my breath back, said "Thanks." and returned the bottle to him.

We sat, watching the porn on the screen. My left hand still rested on my thigh. I noticed slight movement around his lap, and looking down, could see he was rubbing his crotch. I felt relief. So it's O.K. to do that. He offered me the bottle, I took a sip. I began rubbing the length of my cock with my finger tips again. I wished I could just take it out and stroke it. I found myself looking to my neighbors lap. I found it oddly exciting watching him rub himself.

A few minutes passed before he moved his hand from the armrest between us down to my right thigh. I froze, not sure what to do. He rubbed my thigh a couple of times, then moved to cover my hand and cock with his hand. I jerked my hand away, putting it on the armrest to my left. He rubbed the cockbulge in my pants, then gently squeezed it. I didn't look at him, I stared at the screen not knowing what to do.

A dozen thoughts ran through my mind, first and foremost, how insanely "GOOD" it felt. I was afraid I was going to shoot my load, then I'd have a big wet spot on my pants as I leave the theater and no way to conceal it. I thought, men aren't supposed to do this with other men. Only queers and fags touched other men. But I "LIKED" the feelings I was experiencing.

I was thinking about reaching over to feel his crotch when he leaned toward me. In a low voice he said, "I have a projector in my motel room with movies better than these." "Why don't we go there." I don't think my brain was functioning well enough to answer him. I was thinking with my cock when I said, "O.K."

I took a shuttle into town from the base, but he had a car. His motel was only a few blocks from the theater. During the short drive, he told me his name was Dave, I told him I was John. Dave looked to be mid to late 30's, average build, and not unattractive.

When we entered the motel room, I saw a projector already set up next to the bed. the wall across from the foot of the bed would be the screen. The curtains were closed, and with no lights on the room was dim. I sat on the edge of the bed, not knowing what I was supposed to do. Dave flipped a switch on the projector. The spool of film began to turn and on the wall appeared the images of two women and two men, all naked, playing cards at a table.

Dave took his shirt off and began to unbuckle his belt saying, "We might as well be comfortable!" I just said, "Yeah" and began removing my uniform. Dave laid on his back at the right side of the bed in just his boxers. I laid to his left in boxer shorts as well. We lay there in silence, the only sound was the whir of the projector.

On the wall, one of the women threw her cards down on the table triumphantly, said something to the men and pointed to a mattress nearby on the floor. The two men looked at each other, shrugged and went to the mattress laying down head to toe next to each other. They began stroking each others cocks. Soon one of the men lowered his head, and began giving his friend a blow job. The camera zoomed in to a close up of the mans lips engulfing the cock of his well endowed friend.

During the drive to the motel, my cock had pretty much gone soft, but was beginning to show signs of life. Watching the sex taking place on the wall in front of me was getting me horney again. I glanced over to Dave. His boxers had a large bulge. I couldn't help but stare, and as I did, I could see Dave's cock lift a little, making a tent of his boxers. My cock was totally erect by now, and looking down at myself, my boxers were tenting as well.

The two men on the wall were now on their sides, facing each other. They were sucking each other and massaging each others ass as they sucked.

I looked back to Dave. He was rubbing his cock through his boxers. I stared, engrossed in the sight. I began rubbing my cock. Dave said, "I'm hotter than a two dollar pistol!" I said, "Me too!" I'd barely gotten those two words out when Dave's hand left his cock and he grabbed the bulge in my boxers. My right hand shot over and grabbed the bulge in his. Dave released my cock and started sliding his box boxers off. I did likewise. I rolled to my right and knelt next to Dave, taking his cock in my hand. I stroked it slowly for a second, then lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth. I didn't think about what I was doing, I just acted.

Some years in the future, my wife would measure my cock at 7 honest inches, average thickness with a nicely shaped mushroom head. Dave's cock could have been the twin of mine.

I knelt next to Dave, exploring his cock with my lips and my tongue, applying suction as I slid my lips up and down his shaft.
I had no Idea if I was doing things right. I imitated what I saw the guys in the movie doing and hoped I was doing it right. All I really knew was that I liked what I was doing very much.

Dave took a hold of my hips, and pulled me over him into a "69" position. I felt him stroke my cock a couple of times then came the feel of his lips slicing over my head as he took my cock into his mouth and began sucking. "HOLY SHIT!" The hooker that took my virginity two weeks ago never sucked my cock. She just jumped on the bed naked, spread her legs. I fucked her, got my rocks off, paid her and she left. I thought that was great!

As I sucked Dave's cock, I hoped I was doing it right. Dave was "definitely" doing it right. We sucked each other for maybe two minutes max when I couldn't help it, with his cock still in my mouth, I let out a muffled moan and my cock exploded in Dave's mouth. Dave stopped sucking, just held his lips around my cock. I felt my cock pulse four or five times as I emptied my load into his mouth. I can't describe the sensations I was feeling. I had never felt an orgasm as intense as this. Not fucking the hooker, not while jacking off. It felt so good it HURT.

When it was obvious that I was done cumming, Dave moved me to the side, and went to the bathroom. I'm thinking he spit my cum out. I heard him brushing his teeth.

I rolled over onto my stomach. An intense feeling of guilt and shame suddenly came over me. I had just engaged in actions that I was raised to believe were wrong. I didn't rationalize about the fact that it felt so right at the time. I had sinned, I had done something that could get me a dishonorable discharge if the Navy ever found out. I wanted to be somewhere else at this moment.

Dave returned to the bed. He laid next to me. I laid there silent. He put his hand on my back and slid his hand down to my ass. He squeezed my ass cheek. I laid there silent. I didn't know what to do.

Dave asked if I'd like him to drive me back to the base. I said "Yeah, I think so." We drove back to the base in silence. I got out of the car and apologized for the way things ended. He it was O.K. and drove away.

I wouldn't have another interaction with a man until six months later on a Greyhound bus going home on leave.

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