The Future of DaddyDater

Since I've joined this site I've talked to many guys but not yet met any (since there is literally no one within 500 miles of me that has been active in the last year's), but I still have hope that someday I will meet some great people. I do wonder how others have experienced this site with guys much closer to them and how it went but sadly I may not get to see that since the scene near me isn't great. I hope that 2022 is treating everyone well so far and that maybe this site gets better but that remains to be seen.

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  • as others have stated, this site is a wasteland. There are hundreds of supposed guys within 75 miles of me (per this site) BUT every single one of them has not need active for 6-15 years.

    Whomever owns this site needs to fix this asap before we all walk away.

    iBottom1964 08/28/2022 02:40 PM
  • I click on a guy sometimes and he hasn't been on here in years and years. Is there ever a purge of these inactive guys?
    Cowboy1011 07/28/2022 12:41 AM
  • Where are you I would be interested if we lived close
    Michael310 06/11/2022 09:55 PM
  • This site is a wasteland. The profiles of the guys closest to me show that some if them haven’t logged in for 4, 5, or more YEARS!! I have not met anyone using this site and even getting a conversation going with anyone is tough. Someone, please, explain to me why this site is still up and running. I see no point in even logging in much anymore..
    Renman 05/27/2022 08:42 PM
  • come to me sexy god,
    lkig_for_bottoms 05/27/2022 08:32 AM
  • I hope you find what you're looking for. You deserve the best
    COCKpittop 05/17/2022 01:05 PM