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Scammerology 101, with quiz
I copy below verbatim a message I got last night. I was sure by the end of reading it that it was not real, that it was a scam.

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Infection Control Lecture #1: Magic Gloves
I suspect a lot of food service-oriented businesses don't really understand the basic principles of infection control, and that the "ed… Read more
The Milkman, Then and (maybe?) Now
Here's my riff of the day, thank you Good Weed, thank you Bored and Horny.


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My "worstest" date ever
My "Worstest" Date Ever

Think back, gentle reader, on all the man-dates you have ever been on. Which of them do you c… Read more
I had chatted on and off with Mickey (not his real name) for a few years on a gay dating site. He told me he was a total bottom, a widower o… Read more
A quick poll, 4/23/18
Those of you who have profiles/ accounts on both on line gay hookup and dating sites such as this one, bear 411, manhunt, etc, and also on g… Read more
Scammology 102
He starts with

A warm hello does not come from the lips only but also from the heart. I'm Dan by name, An Army personnel here a… Read more
"Phishing within phishing"
Hi all,

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." - Freud

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Hello, and let me start by informing you that I am DDF, that is to say, I am free of leprosy, rabies, and the Black Plague, and I have only … Read more
I was contacted recently by a guy on one of the dating "apps." He seemed okay, said he was a retired flight attendant a few years … Read more