Scammerology 101, with quiz

I copy below verbatim a message I got last night. I was sure by the end of reading it that it was not real, that it was a scam.

Your task: identify at least 3 clues internal to this text that suggest it was written and put out by scammers.

(I did follow the link, where I got the best clue of all. When I clicked on the "log out" button, a message flashed at me saying if I left, I would be "permanently deleted" from PayPal. The real PayPal would never do something like that!)


Dear Client,

Suspicious Activity on Your Account

Your Account information has been changed. [ Billing or Shipping Address ] As our security precautions, we need more informations from you. Your account will be limited until you provide some additional information.
PIease login into your Account and review your activity by clicking link below:

Your action is required to help us to protect you PayPaI account securely.


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  • Some put address in US and pretends selling a farm in Australia and asked your bank number and account name for the reason they will transfer used amount of money. LOL
    Salemkhan45 05/09/2020 03:56 AM
  • East reading guide to spot catfish.
    Jax32205 05/06/2020 10:51 PM
  • Add that to the Lonely Soldier in Kabul that wants to marry you in the first exchange. Then they want a computer sent to them and claim to live near you at home. Finally it occurs to you that you are talking to a woman or an effeminate straight man playing at romance. After that first one, you just automatically block them after the first two exchanges. Later you find out that "Carl" the Sargent died more than three years before you "Met him" on-line. If you ever talk to them on the phone listen to the background sounds. Most of them are in a boiler room with lots of other people and you will also hear the hint of a foreign accent. Hang up and Block "Him."
    jackbear 04/30/2020 04:21 PM
  • When you receive a message like this click on delete and or block him, because i don't think we can stop them (and neither does DaddyDater i think) so i advise you to ignore them because they are a waste of time. And indeed his/their English is bad and full of errors. All the best.
    thundercock 04/19/2020 11:14 AM
  • Obvious phishing attempt.
    VARickbear 04/18/2020 06:30 AM
  • English is not their first language.
    soontomove27 04/17/2020 06:14 PM
  • The right term is : PHISHING
    If you click the link and enter details, they will steal your personal information
    Salemkhan45 04/17/2020 10:13 AM