Cord cutting

Has anyone tried it yet? I have and saved myself a ton of money every month! Was a fight at first to drop the service down to only internet, after that it was awesome!
Picked up two Rokus
Signed up for sling at first but there app jammed up so switched to Philo
Got a ton of free movie apps
Couldn’t hold off on a black Friday deal with Hulu 1.99 a month for a year
So I cut my bill in half!

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  • captainone my condo will not let yu put up an antenna and im 45 miles out of nyc
    lkig_for_bottoms 12/25/2019 06:54 AM
  • Hairy2bdrained I have two Roku's, I plug it into my router and load up apps like you would on yur phone or tablet,,Philo is like sling TV, it has 30 channels for 20.00 a month, I don't watch local channels so the abc app is ok for me,,Roku has a channel with free movies but ads, tubl has movies but ads, I found a sci fic app that has science fiction movies from the 50's 60's and 70's, you can always go to best buy they can answer a lot of your questions
    lkig_for_bottoms 12/25/2019 06:51 AM
  • $500. For a 40 ft. Antenna works great !! Just added BritBox for live streaming for $7. per mo.
    captainone 12/21/2019 08:05 AM
  • Sorry to bother you but I'm not that tech savvy/interested. i heard of Roku, Hulu, not Philo but what is the purpose of each one of them?
    Thanks in advance for your response
    hairy2bdrained 12/15/2019 02:22 PM