kidnap roleplay/abduction scenes

these type of scenes i love . 2 gay dominant men meet me - force me to inhale poppers to disorient me , strip me naked , blindfold me , cuff me ankles and wrists , more poppers to keep me disoriented , put a hood over my head to guarantee i cant see a thing , then toss me in the backseat and cart me away to their location/hideaway . I am brought inside , bathed , shaved smooth , and chained spread eagle to the bed . There is video recording equipment all around .The next three days i am force fed hormones supplements and stimulants and viagra and filmed in bondage being teased tormented and relentlessly edged and milked by the two men . At least i think its two , there may be an audience watching but i cannot see. Im kept a bit drunk to weaken my ability to focus m and poppers are used often to keep me disoriented and easy to manhandle . 3 days or so i am kept like this while they film me being used in this way . When its over , i am brought back to my vehicle and tossed in the back seat along with my clothes keys phone and wallet . 3 weeks later i get the dvd in the mail - they chop it up and sell it online as video clips thereby recouping the cost of keeping me for three days. Im hooded and anonymous . But now more on guard . id love this to actually happen and if it interests you - me being the prey and you the predator - send me a private message. i am in the Toledo area and can travel some. And my schedual premits me to be able to take several days off . im only submissive i dont Dom. you and if you need help get an assistant.

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