Readers Respond to FUROLOGY101

reader T.S
I was overwhelmed with sheer emotion as I read what you wrote about hairy men... This is is something I’ve understood since I was a child, though never was able to put into words. I can’t tell you how It validated my thinking....
As I explore profiles on various bear websites, I will often ask particularly hairy fellas if they understand/are aware of power they wield simply by being hairy- bearded, too, and I’m amazed that they have no idea what I’m talking about...
Your insights are most enlightening, and as someone who has a degree in clinical psych., I think you’re right on the money. And the religious/spiritual connection is very deep as well...
When I was less than three years old, there was some sort of traumatic event- probably rushing an older sibling to the hospital, and I was left behind with neighbors. I clearly remember the husband holding me and comforting me. The way he held me caused his shirt to open, exposing his hairy chest. To this day, I am extremely drawn to hairy men, find great comfort and contentment even to simply be in the presence of a hairy man...
Also, I’m finally able to understand and own the label of “submissive”, and your writing has been very helpful as I explore this side of myself...

So thanks for putting these ideas out there for us to broaden our understanding...
And while I enjoy all kinds of fur, glistening, golden fur is the best!

Reader j.h.
Hey STUD -1GoldenBear I've already read your blog as I was completely rock hard looking at your tuff of golden Fur from the neck of your shirt and your Hairy Arms... the thought of you entering me Stallion style so I could feel your Hairy Chest on my bareback, your Goatee on my neck as you moan with every flex of my anal muscles around your dick as I soft kiss and lick your Hairy Forearms...thanks for your email and your advice...would love to see more of your Fur...sorry no mug shot downloaded but here are my locked pixs... i am and always have been such a fucking Daddy’s boy.
A Daddy is a state of mind and an attitude more than an age. And a mature man is not automatically a Daddy. Mature Men can be the good lovers: smart, wise, and secure. They know how to use a fag and have no qualms about asserting themselves.
Not all Daddies look like this but when they do i’m like a happy puppy wagging it’s tail. i could spend hours sucking and licking and massaging a Daddy like you. I’m an absolute whore for a Hairy Chest too … oh god, I’m getting wet just typing this. My mouth would stay clamped on those Blond HAIRY Pecs!
To all you muscle Daddies: Keep your Fur & God bless you! You give fags like me wet dreams and aspirations. You’re beautiful and magnificent. Men who embrace their age and maturity are worthy of respect and adoration.
Thanks you 1GoldenBear for you VERY HOT ideas.

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    tugg777 07/01/2020 06:02 AM
  • 1GoldenBear ,SIR
    Reading your blog has given me an incredible hard on - boner, as you put it. I love gently putting my lips on a man's Body Hair and pulling it slowly away from his skin as if I am giving a blow job to his Fur. I never knew it was "a thing,"

    I just loved getting lost in a man's fur. And, being shaved smooth of my body hair feels like i am instantly in a submissive posture, without the ability of competing with a Man's fur.
    1GoldenBear RESPONDS: Hey, some of my longest relationships have been with a "body Shaven Guy.the sexual power of a Man's muscles and Fur have been a turn on for women for thousands of years until the 19 70's appeared the "Metro man" hairless, thin with no sign of muscle and no beard stubble. women went through a twenty year war of anti Men/Man Power. a constant TV berating of making men look like 12 year old boys. All the TV sitcoms the kept showing the smarter side of women the the completely stupid side of Men remember all in the family? and down hill after that.
    1GoldenBear 06/24/2020 06:46 PM