Gay web sites

I find that cruising websites such as this one is very much like going to the gay bars it’s always the same people and if they didn’t hit on you yesterday they ain’t gonna hit on you today.

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  • yes very true indeed that what i find on the sites also
    tormale 07/20/2022 08:21 PM
  • And not to mention the ones you want to meet are always so far away.
    yowcubseekrDD 09/23/2021 12:03 PM
  • difficult to meet nice guys usually the chat leads no where. much of what they say and post is bs. say up front what you mean. I wish guys would also read what you write. I state no interest in young guys, but get plenty of messages from them still.
    hudsonvaleyguy 08/22/2020 09:35 AM
  • hey
    Jones06 08/19/2020 05:24 AM
  • I never go to bars for homosexuals because the public is always the same, they are all horrible stupid small talkers and often on drugs, here in Brussels, but people that i know who live in other countries tell me it's the same there, I cruise on the streets or in the parks and i also go to sex clubs where men (no silly sissies) come to fuck and thats exactly what i want, fuck as many man as i can, enjoy it and make sure they enjoy it to. And i must say that i have visited several cruising sites and daddydater is amongst the better ones.
    thundercock 08/16/2020 06:44 PM
  • Or full of frustrated married men pretending they want to meet, lead you on and just go on and on trying to get as much Xrated chat out of you as possible.
    55to99 08/14/2020 05:01 AM
  • Ain't that the truth. :)
    VARickbear 08/12/2020 04:31 AM