I love how many fakes and con artists claiming to be younger guys....

Are on this site. They even use the same words in their profiles and messages, and the same pictures for multiple profiles. I used to be a paying member, but not anymore, and I used to check the site every day, but now I go weeks without signing on. It is sad, and maybe even dangerous.

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  • ..um.. holdup. just cause someones younger doesnt mean there a scammer or fake.. :-\ ..xcept if they wont talk on the phone.. then mayb they are nigeria scammer or fake... :-(
    Sexxylilass 08/02/2021 03:30 PM
  • ..um.. holdup. just cause someones younger doesnt mean there a scammer or fake.. :-\ ..xcept if they wont talk on the phone.. then mayb they are nigeria scammer or fake... :-(
    Sexxylilass 08/02/2021 03:30 PM
  • I feel your pain. I keep getting hit on by these catfish dudes. They must think we are either desperate, stupid or both. They don’t bother to change the verbiage. After two messages they’re already in love!! One reason I also don’t sign on frequently.
    URIP 07/09/2021 08:34 AM
  • I hear on that one I have been on this site on and off a couple years. I had two on this site alone maybe even three,. Dead give away they beat around about talking over the phone . All they want to do is text and those numbers they give out . not there own . There is a couple of sites that i use you have to pay but it's worth it ,its like a back ground check First is there name ask for there last it helps alot . Lets say it has help me and when you call them out they get upset . But really I rather call them out then you fallen for some one who doesn't care its all about them and thats all that matters . As a matter it happen to me they will put there needs before you . You just got to be two steps of heading them And they can lie with batting an eye .Good luck guys
    Nastyjoker21 05/26/2021 02:18 AM
  • typical (to me) scammer tips:

    1. wanting to use google hangouts
    2. messages from supposedly "A list" guys who otherwise wouldn't even notice us on the street
    3. text in profiles or messages that is a bit "off" with misspellings and quirky words.
    4. profiles pretending to be in the military (this is particularly irritating)

    but it isn't just this site. I see the same thing happening on grindr and other sites.
    sifrid 11/04/2020 04:24 AM
  • The only messages I ever get on this site are from incredibly muscled and gorgeous early thirty somethings who are obviously fake catfish scammers. This site is about as useful as tits on a bull.
    Jax32205 09/11/2020 11:22 PM
  • Hey babes. I want to talk dirty with someone. Write me here https://v.ht/A2icH My profile @69john
    John69 09/03/2020 03:42 PM
  • I would never pay for this crappy site ever since they changed the format about a year ago it's not even usable. And now it's just crawling with scumbag scammers and the moderators don't do a damn thing about it!
    jaypea 09/02/2020 12:02 PM
  • ok ok ok would some one pleaase tell me, if you run into someone wanting to play games, how could them asking you to download hangout or what app could they scam you ?????( if you have no plans on sending money)
    lkig_for_bottoms 08/30/2020 02:43 PM
  • or the Nigerian/Ghanian guys who have pics of "typical" midwestern "all American boys" & then come up with utter nonsense to try to avoid getting caught. "Buyer beware" still applies!
    princecharming 08/28/2020 04:17 AM
  • You are quite correct in this. DaddyDater seems to have been overtaken by people masquerading as young guys and covering a wide variety of ethnic groups for the entire country. Simply put, there are numerically too many younger men using this site and they are disproportionate here to the number of younger men with profiles on other sites I frequent. I block anyone under 50 when they drop one of those badly written scripts or sound like they haven't taken the time to read my bio info.

    What the webmaster needs to do is delete the duplicates, remove each reported spambots' profiles, and remove any profile that hasn't singed on in over one year. Half of the birthday boys over 70 who's profiles I visit may be deceased already yet there is no contingency plan in place to remove those profiles. So many cuties in heaven and so much tragicly wasted youth here on earth.
    ucncincy 08/27/2020 05:06 PM