Poll: fake profiles

I need to ask ask you guys is there any currents updates on those we should keep each other infrom .I wasnt going to come back but i did cause in the past I ran into two .we should help each other out when it comes to this

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  • I got a few asking for g-mail hangouts or direct texting, which I don't do either. I also got a couple of them with the same wording in the message except their gmail account.
    yowcubseekrDD 09/23/2021 11:51 AM
  • Angel69 08/22/2021 04:51 AM
  • And, I have found that guys who want to direct communication to G-Mail Hangouts are pretty deceptive and start asking for things.
    ogemawjohn 07/16/2021 12:01 PM
  • There's also the guys who claim to be from one place and then end up being from another for flimsy reasons. The easiest to spot are the guys who claim to be US servicemen abroad and have no understanding of what the current situations are and what the military is all about. Before long a request for a gift card is the absolute best reason to block them and realize they are a sham.
    ogemawjohn 07/15/2021 11:16 AM
  • When they say: "Hi my name is Abc, and your's? " they are a scam.
    AuditorManVIP 07/01/2021 03:22 PM
  • Guys, it's inevitable. Be smart, filter through them. Carry on.
    TryinBiTO 06/28/2021 07:40 AM
  • I left the site for over a year (or more) because I was being inundated with fake profiles. Also, for a time there was a very good chat feature on here which they removed and that was disappointing. It seems they have done a fairly good job of deleting the obvious fake profiles...the super gorgeous men, with super perfect bodies, that are looking for "the love to fill their heart" because "no on understands them." LOL I came back on a whim and will give it another shot. We'll see.
    hugehole 06/17/2021 06:44 AM
  • i agree, some of these are just scammers. You block them and they come back as someone else, saying the exact same BS they've said previously. . . are you on hangout ? whatsapp / they never give you a 'working' number or just want to text . . Someone needs to step up and do or ask more questions before these A**holes are granted access....
    jiadw 06/15/2021 02:37 PM