safe sex now

ok ok we how are you guys doing safe sex?
do you have your toy outside put on a mask, and gloves, then have him take a shower, wrap him in plastic wrap , rubber gloves, mask and double up on the condoms ...

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  • You start out asking the right question, but proceed to show how you really feel about it with caricature and exaggeration for comic effect. You try to make taking precautions seem ridiculous.

    I feel a little like David Letterman, having just watched a "stupid pet trick." Here, let's take that one from the beginning again. But let's try to be serious this time.

    Droplet precautions. Everything I read about Covid says it's spread by droplets in the air. You get it from inhaling or swallowing droplets that you can't see, put in the air by the coughing or maybe even just the normal exhaling of an infected person.. Or you touch something the droplets fell on (like the clothes you are wearing), then touch your face / mouth. Covid can live for a number of days on surfaces that the droplets fall on.

    You mentioned rubber gloves. Let's talk about them for a minute.

    They make me nervous.

    They make me nervous when I see a food server wearing them. I like to step back and watch the server for a while. Are they putting them on to touch my food, and then taking them off and washing their hands, and re-gloving for the next time they handle food?

    Or are they touching my food, bagging it, taking my money and handing me change, all with those gloves on? (By the way, money is generally among the most unsanitary things we all handle frequently.)

    In other words, are they treating those vinyl gloves like they are magic, like they somehow kill germs and virus particles?

    I'd rather see NO GLOVES but frequent handwashing and use of the alcohol gels than "magic gloves" in action. (I know, it's all take out and drive through, we can't even see how they are handling the food anyway.)

    One good thing about drive through is, frequently, the person who's handling the money and making change, that's all they're doing, they don't handle food.


    Safe sex. Safer sex. It's come to be a code word for condoms, but let's step back for a second and rethink safer sex.

    "Better safe than sorry" is likewise becoming a code phrase for "no sex, let's just all shelter in place." But if this pandemic goes on as long as they are saying it might - estimates I have looked at so far, have ranged from 18 months to 6 years before we are over the worst of it, but unless they develop a vaccine, far from done with it - it's time to start rethinking "safer sex."

    Men are men are men. For most, two built-in drives, for food and for sex, dominate the other built-in drives. You will get a high degree of compliance with social distancing and "shelter in place" for a time, and then, expect to see some bending of rules.

    So, as I say, it's time to start thinking what "safer sex" means for Covid.
    AnonymousBlogger 03/28/2020 11:00 AM
  • Absolutely I buy the commercial size rolls of plastic wrap.
    NotaRookee 03/25/2020 10:02 PM