Pay attention

there are many scammers, I have no problem why I'm not stupid, But it is not right that they play with the feelings of the people, they have guts, they are not maintained That speaks ill of the quality of human being that you really are ...... A lot of attention, friends, God keep you always in these critical times

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  • What are good sites that charge for dad/son things. I will gladly pay to cut the B.S. ??
    captainone 06/12/2020 02:02 PM
  • you're absolutely right they are horrible people
    Miguel_tc_octubr 06/09/2020 11:57 PM
  • They are everywhere here cause the site accepts free membership. They dont go to site when they will pay a single cent of it. Hope the scammers got this awful virus
    Salemkhan45 06/09/2020 12:03 PM