The first experience with a man much older than me

I will tell you a little about the first experience I had with an older man when I was younger about 15 years
It all started one summer afternoon, I was on vacation in high school and I went to visit my best with me at the time, but I was not alone, only his father was a tall handsome man, his butt was glorious, his legs and torso were I played soccer very exciting, he was 35 or 36 years old and I was 15, in short, he invited me in and offered me water and I said yes ... he said sit down and I listened to him, I already knew what my sexual preferences do not hesitate at any time what I felt when I saw the men but I did not turn on alerts because he was my friend's dad, in short, he started talking to me (I really don't remember that) and I was listening to him while he walked in The house, as he was folded clothes, took off his shirt and wore a semi-loose baggy sports shorts, walked towards me and adjusted the underwear from the crotch and did not stand up and stared at my penis, he noticed and he kept doing it and with more reason I had looking with all the information, about 10 minutes passed and he approached me and said with his hand and penis-you want to touch ... I only made head "yes" grabbed my hand and made me put it by his leg under of the shorts and I went with the flow, until I reached his penis ..... it was a not so big penis but if it was very thick, I caressed it somewhat roughly (it was beginners) and he said to me - wait a little more soft and guided me ... I looked up and he was watching me I looked at him and he said - you want to get off the shorts and I said nothing I just did it with everything and underpants and his penis was beautiful, brown cut, full of veins very marked and told me, - do you want to suck me back I did, I asked myself what are you doing? .... He noticed my snub and he said - calmly nothing will happen that you do not want, I looked at the face and I said ok, I take the jaw gently and take it to his penis, I opened my mouth full of saliva and suck it until I could no longer ..... I get up under my shorts and I started to suck my ass, I played a few minutes with his tongue until I felt his fingers caressing the edge of my ass .... little by little I felt like he put his index finger little by little and I began to see stars when I suddenly uncle my two fingers .... I felt desperate and very rich at the same time, I had never felt that way before, he kept putting his fingers when he told me -I'm leaving to put the cock, and I said no, but my body did not respond was as loose, I felt his spit spit and with all my fingers I pass through my ass and introduced a finger .... suddenly felt his cock hard and fat on the edge of my buttocks, hit three times and direct it to my ass and told me - it will hurt a little but you have to relax and I just with my head said yes ...... little to Little began to put it and the truth hurt me a lot but hold on, he told me are you ok? and I just with my head said "yes" with a puckered face and look of pain, he just laughed at me ...... when he let everything go and I felt a little more relaxed .... he began to move and I was lying on my stomach, I got up and put on a dog, took my neck and my head bump into his chest and see my face

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  • after reading your story I am so turned on that I am about to c** without touching my cock. I have never had a cock in my ass. I am very much looking forward to it
    newbee 02/08/2020 05:06 AM
  • And why don't you try it with a woman? I say it was a pleasant experience for me, his theory does not apply to me, because now I am nothing but background and I also like to be active ...we are simply not all the same, we all have different forms and well they say that respect for the rights of others is peace
    Miguel_tc_octubr 01/23/2020 08:25 AM
  • Well, I was 8 and my Brother's friend's brother who was like 17 wanted to show me his model collection. I love cars and followed him upstairs. He took his dick out and said touch it. I did. He said lets take our stuff off and rest in bed. He told me to suck his dick and I did. He went down sucked my dick and licked my balls. I liked it. He put his dick in between my legs and did a fucking motion, I loved the warm feeling. He kissed me and put me on top of a cloud. He jerked my dick but nothing came out. He put his dick in my ass a bit and came real quick. I wonder if my experience was with an older girl if I might be streight today. I have a theory about this and also, I think in the gay world this is why there are so many more bottoms because it is what we know from experience. My little hairless dick couldn't fuck him then + I did not know how. I often think about those experiences and reflect.....I had a 20 yr. relationship and my partner died of heart related issues at 38. At my age I don't want to go to clubs. I am not in a gay area of FL. so chance run-ins are not possible really. Tired of this online stuff that leads to no fruition. Just have peaks and
    valleys of emotions. Doesn't help that I like younger men. In light of the latter I wish I were Hetro.. I think it would be much easier to meet a mate. If I could do the deed with a woman I would love to have a couple of kids. I think I would be a great father to them...
    captainone 01/23/2020 08:05 AM
  • Thanks for sharing your experience, it was really exciting and I also had an erection !!!
    Miguel_tc_octubr 01/21/2020 06:29 PM
  • Oh boy do I remember the first time! I was 15 I know I liked guys and would jerk off all the time thinking of some of the skater kids and surfer guys I hung with. But living on long island the thing to do on a Wednesday night was go out to dinner with the family and we always went to this Chinese restaurant, I used to Watch the guys ass’s lololol they were all in like their 20s and after dinner I would run up to my bedroom and jerk off two or three times thinking of the asian guys!@!!
    Well one day skate boarding home from school there was this hot Asian kid trying to do 180’s in the parking lot with his stick,, I showed him the trick to doing them and we became instant friends, in school we were always together and we were always together after, skating, surfing, mini bikes, the beach, the normal teen age shit,,, one day at the beach we wanted to go to the movies and we went back to my house but we really needed to take a shower,, we had seen each other nude in gym class and swim class and at the beach so it was no big deal,,,,,,,,,, but in the shower together things changed forever!! We kept on bouncing into each other cocks hitting legs and ass and I looked down and he had a hard on and that brought my cock to a solid 8 and a half inches,,well we tock each other cocks and jerked each other off he got a half smile got on his knees and sucked my cock for all it was worthy and man I think I came for 5 minutes none stop,,,we went to my bedroom and the first time I ever kissed another guy and we fucked none stop, and for the next three years
    lkig_for_bottoms 01/21/2020 05:11 PM