How am I ?

To begin with, I am a working guy, I am not a materialist, I lived in a small city in Mexico called Tlacoltalpan (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage), it is very nice, 16th century architecture, gastronomy is from another planet ... ... I am a lover of the kitchen, and I can do everything, I am not a boy who likes to express his feelings a lot I am more of an action, selfishness does not fit in my day to day, I try to be as profitable and cuts as possible with people and that's why I have many friends from different sides, I like respect because I feel that respect for the rights of others is peace and if you don't have peace don't have anything!

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  • Miguel: Thanks for signing!
    rf90254 01/03/2020 02:05 PM
  • What you wrote sounds good.
    Had signed your "Guestbook" (must have changed your pic as I had signed twice), saw that you looked at my profile, (signed your Guessbook as not that I wanted to get "married", lol .... did so as just being nice), but kind of customary as to reply back with a simple, 'thank you'.
    rf90254 01/03/2020 10:41 AM
  • You sound like a good person.
    captainone 01/03/2020 09:02 AM
  • You're very handsome. You won't be single for long.
    jad8205 01/02/2020 09:30 PM
  • Tlacotalpan y Veracruz son hermosos. ¡Igualmente! Feliz Año Nuevo para usted.
    furball 01/02/2020 05:15 PM
  • wow handsome you would make a good boy for a guy
    carymannc 01/02/2020 05:29 AM