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I want to be as honest as possible
I am a 28-year-old boy, two weeks ago they cut staff at my job in Mexico, the pandemic together with the supply crises are leaving the compa… Read more
I'm really not a scammer
I am afraid to write to a father and he thinks I am a scammer, I am not ... I am simply a Mexican child, I am a worker who does not ask for … Read more
Pay attention
there are many scammers, I have no problem why I'm not stupid, But it is not right that they play with the feelings of the people, they have… Read more
two Read more
With faith you can do everything
Hello American friends, In the news it is heard that the United States is already in levels of care for the vovid-19,it does not matter if y… Read more
The first experience with a man much older than me
I will tell you a little about the first experience I had with an older man when I was younger about 15 years
It all started one summe… Read more
clarify a point
I am Mexican, I am a humble and respectful person, but it does not mean that all Mexicans are looking for the money of others and much less … Read more
How am I ?
To begin with, I am a working guy, I am not a materialist, I lived in a small city in Mexico called Tlacoltalpan (UNESCO World Cultural Heri… Read more