Fun Afternoon

Special thanks to Mark and Jeff who answered my ad to meet at a hotel today. They were both married like I am, and apparently just as horny. Mark was 60, and was a bear type. Jeff was 26 slim, and had only two previous man to man experiences. I grabbed a room just outside of Albany, and we met for coffee before heading over to the hotel, just to make sure that we all were on the same page. Well when we got to that room our clothes came off in a flash. Both were not getting what they wanted at home and were really ready to play. Mark had a fat 5 inch cock, and Jeff was about the same size, only a bit thinner. I laid on the bed fully naked and they both went to work on my balls and 8" throbbing cock. Over the next 3 hours, we proceeded to have totally uninhibited man fun. 69ing, fucking, shower play etc., with all of us coming twice. Mark had to leave, but Jeff was hard again, and asked me to blow him, which I was more than happy to do. For the next half hour I worked him slow, and wouldn't let him cum, teasing him mercilessly. When I knew he couldn't take anymore, I slid a condom over his cock & a finger in his ass and started vacuuming his cock head. He held my head with his hands and fucked my mouth as he filled the rubber with come. He then laid on top of me and started wildly making out with me. Told me his wife of only 8 month, used sex as a way to control him, and he just needed to enjoy sex for a change. Poor guy started the day with a 10 load in his balls.Fucking women!! To say the least, the day turned out to be a memorable one & I needed to share this with those reading. I'll be getting another hotel room in about 2 weeks, and am hoping for another pleasurable encounter, with other clean guys. Email me for details. Travelers welcome.

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  • Sounds fucking hot … would love to join the party!
    BigJim904 09/28/2021 01:12 PM
  • You would have been welcome to do so Max.
    TrAnt 10/15/2020 08:11 PM
  • That’s sounds awesome. Got me hard just reading it. I wish I lived closer . I’d make it a foursome .
    Maxdaddy11 10/14/2020 03:19 PM