What Friends Are For

When he said "Don't you know that fucking is the friendliest thing friends can do?". I smiled and fell into his arms. Withing minutes, we were naked and I was on my knees worshiping his growing erection. He gently held my head in his hands as he slid the length of his shaft in and out of my hungry mouth. I would have suck his cock forever, but he had other plans. He pushed me to the floor and announced that he was gonna fuck me. He spit a big mouthful of saliva on my hole and pressed his dickhead on my hole, when I realized he was gonna fuck me bareback. I
I protested "Shouldn't you-? " but it was too late, his big purple knob rammed its way into my little hole. I screamed in painful protest, but he was undetered and intent on fucking me. I felt helpless and surrendered to the complete joy of the moment.

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  • Man u r so lucky.u had good time.
    theme 04/08/2020 07:25 AM
  • Wowww
    Salemkhan45 04/07/2020 11:19 PM
  • Great story
    birich46 04/07/2020 01:10 PM