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Hey STUD -I've already read your blog as I was completely rock hard looking at your tuff of Fur from the neck of your shirt and your Hairy Arms... the thought of you entering me Stallion style so I could feel your Hairy Chest on my bareback, your Goatee on my neck as you moan with every flex of my anal muscles around your dick as I soft kiss and lick your Hairy Forearms...thanks for your email and your advice...would love to see more of your Fur...sorry no mug shot downloaded but here are my locked pixs... i am and always have been such a fucking Daddy’s boy.
A Daddy is a state of mind and an attitude more than an age. And a mature man is not automatically a Daddy. Mature Men can be the best lovers: smart, wise, and secure. They know how to use a fag and have no qualms about asserting themselves.
Not all Daddies look like this but when they do i’m like a happy puppy wagging it’s tail. i could spend hours sucking and licking and massaging a Daddy like you. I’m an absolute whore for a Hairy Chest too … oh god, I’m getting wet just typing this. My mouth would stay clamped on those Blond HAIRY Pecs!
To all you muscle Daddies: Keep your Fur & God bless you! You give fags like me wet dreams and aspirations. You’re beautiful and magnificent. Men who embrace their age and maturity are worthy of respect and adoration.
Thanks you 1GoldenBear for you VERY HOT ideas.
Hi there, buddy. Wow, yes, read your article. VERY HOT, especially the hyper light touching of a Man's Fur on his Chest, Back, Arms, etc. A Man can never be too Furry. Love Fur all over, especially THICK Fur all up and down his chest, Back, Arms, Legs, everywhere. A 45 minute session of you licking all of my Fur until it stands up while I slow jack is SUPER sexy, man.
Would also get off on feeling your warm, thick, wet tongue sink deep into my Furry mouth, with my hand lightly STROKING the Hairs on the front your neck you know, that “small hallow place just below the Adam’s apple” where in my opinion real Men show the “FUR COLLAR” - - the ultimate virility sign! Furology 101 would definitely have me blowing a MASSIVE cumload, man. That is some amazing full, thick Man-Fur you have sticking out of the top of your green t- shirt, 1GoldenBear. Fuck, so hot.
Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile, video or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications/

Hello- I have a blog located in my profile called Furology 101 it's about pleasing hairy dads and guys at a whole new level. I’d like to "demo" some of all of these ideas on you if you have any interest. these are exciting ideas to awaken a deeper level of pleasure that must be experienced live licking and very light stroking of a man's body can & will turn your masculine juices to blow a bugger load and feel it deeper than ever before. My profile explains it all some or most of it you may want done to you! or read it and "teach" some other guy to do it for you it is powerful and i do both the dad & son parts very well (smile)

A Reader asks: “As a young smoothie I think you’re on to something big with this Fur stuff. The attraction has been around a long time (smooth attracts Hairy) But, you ,(I believe) are taking it to a whole new level. I think it’s time to teach us smoothies out there how to take care of the Real Men,& Bears.
ANSWER: All of you out there, reading this should remember that Hairy Guys usually are NOT AWARE of the power of a Man’s Body Hair. Smoothies wanna play with it, nibble it, (a lot) and melt into the power of it. It actually is a way for them, to re-charge their sub dominate energy. As I have pointed out in my articles the attraction is STRONG to Show off Fur- to smooth guys who harbor unconsciously the closeness of a Hairy Dad- I believe this satisfies a real need in a boys psyche (age 18 & up) of what he deeply desires to become. Letting him worship at the altar of our Manliness, mentally admiring our Virile Masculine energy we broadcast.
It actually lets him embrace a mental image to take home with him for JO sessions. This act - - (JO), penetrates his psyche and sets up an energetic for his young boy body (age 18 & up) also) to increase the "Male" image in him. Think Mind/Mental I want my body to someday be Hairy, or Muscled or Beard Stubble, like Daddy.
(In reference to your article FUROLOGY 101 Here on community Blogs and from you Profile (1GoldenBear)
Want more? Go to my blog located at the top of my profile called FUROLOGY 101

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