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FUROLOGY 101 Written by 1GoldenBear:
A Reader of mine asked what is a chest Hair Orgasm? ( FUROLOGY 101)
Ok- I've heard of this in this way: There IS a way to have Chest a Chest Hair Orgasm. How? You'll need to "sensitize" a man’s Body Hair by combining masturbating and a variety of sensation techniques with his body hair, Which will train his sensation of mental awareness, touch, oral nibbling etc. .. First lets comment on "Mental Awareness".

Most Hairy guys (like me) are aware that we are Hairy (Duh.) What I'm talking about is the connection between us masturbating while someone is stimulating our body hair with techniques such as those listed here. "IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT YOU'RE HAIRY, BUT TO KNOW EVERY HAIR". Is a whole new level personal appreciation of a man’s masculinity and virility from both the perspective of "The Hairy Man" (Top) and the usually smooth skinned partner Son/Boy. So- a LONG two hour workover using such techniques as extreme (and I mean extreme) light touching/stroking of chest Hair, Forearm Fur, is a start, followed by Oral nibbling of same - include Fur on back of hands and knuckles. (A huge turn on for me) also nibbling Hairy thighs is a smart area to work on.


Another technique that is a personal favorite of mine is what I call "Standing ovation" where the lips of the mouth are used to lightly pull my Chest or Body Hair away from the skin, sort of standing straight up as if static electricity was running through it. WOOF!

In NLP (Nero Linguistic Programing) there is such a thing as a "Sexual Anchor" which is so similar to what I'm introducing. After a long bout of this body Hair sensitization AND while in a state something called "Edging" ( a technique of holding back orgasm for long periods of time), You'll soon want to have your Fur played with all the time. Your orgasms will be stronger and longer than ever before. Remember this is about "connecting" a Hairy Guy through his awareness at a whole new level. I find many Hairy guys are not aware of the virility power of the Hair /Orgasm connection.

And of course there is "AUDITORY" Anchor, for the" Advanced Player" wherein you'll use words to increase his sexual dominance. Don't be afraid to say how exciting it is to see his (Pick one) Furry Arms, long or curly hairs, and be sure to tell him what gets YOU FU K'in Hot! I know it turns me on to no freggin end if one of my partners "Admires" my Blonde Fur covered muscles.

PS: I'm going to start a face book page with more info on this subject. Also I'll explain how to go from very smooth to extra Hairy - using four growth Hair products that were NOT designed for use on chest, legs, forearms and Adams apple throat areas. I know what and how to do this and what precautions to take. I now have lots Blond body & Chest Hair creeping up over the top of my t-shirt. Search for 1GoldenBear, on Daddy responses welcome .

One Of My Readers Reminded Me Of A Technique, I had forgotten. A good one too, for beginners that allows you to introduce the FUROLOGY 101 techniques to a Hairy Dad or Bear that takes no talk of explaining on the part of the Son/boy / bottom.
Here it is: Just touch your Man’s body Fur with the LIGHTEST touch of lightness without touching his skin. Just rub his fur, ever so lightly all over. make sure he keeps his hand on his cock- NOT yours because it is a powerful link to letting you do much more with the cock connection because in intensifies his pleasure.
This is an EXCELLENT way to introduce the body Hair stimulation technique. After five minutes he'll probably let you use you ORAL skills so Get on his dick next and don't let him come do it till you "Sense" he is getting ready -- then stop and go back to more touching and some (Nibbling/Sucking) His Fur. I believe THIS silent foreplay is the best way to teach him what it is all about.
I'm so happy to share this insight to all of you. In the past few Blogs I've struggled with how to get a Hairy Guy to let you "Practice" on him. I suggested some ideas that were frankly awkward and unsuccessful, My apologies. Here is the best way to get what we crave. Happy foraging,Bon appetit.
By the way I hope you read the article on "Chest Hair Orgasm" Ya gotta get a smooth guy (or Hairy like me) that's into fur –It’s awesome to keep playing with you dick for 60-90 minutes while the guy licks you all over with the " Standing ovation" technique where they Nibble and lightly pull up each and every hair all over your body. Also the extra light touching when your beating off , but don't come during the exercise.
I did not mention a second part to the info about what YOU should be thinking while getting worked over. Maybe because of fear of being too egocentric. But it is important part to long term deeper pleasure & better fur growth. There are two Personal exercises:
A) When the guy is "Sensitizing" your fur Get into thinking how masculine you are, and how lucky this guy is servicing your FUR. Keep your mind on each part he is working on. This "Sensitizing" Physically, combined with your own mental AWARENESS, trains your body to respond the next time you have sex with someone and with more and more personal PLEASURE for you and gives off a Manly Vibe of man power over to your partner WOOF!
B) I do this in the morning as you wake up: get an erection while under the sheets. Go over the parts of your body that you want Fur to grow by lightly stroking that part. ALL THE WHILE KEEPING YOUR HAND ON YOUR DICK. This half sleep mode is great for programming you mind to send messages to the Root Hair Follicles. You might say as you touch or rub these areas: I direct my mind to grow/regrow the Fur on my ---name body part . . . . Each hair grows FASTER AND THICKER , LONGER and stronger THAN EVER BEFORE. or make words to whatever you think is better.
These two exercises are called a sexual anchor. It only takes one session of Body Hair "Sensitizing" to make the anchor work.

ONE OF MY READERS ASKED: I’m dating an awesome hairy guy. But He dates other guys who I believe are more sexually crazy or better looking. What can I do to win him over?
Answer: Use the sexual anchor – Here is how it works in detail. As I said before, using the of Body Hair "Sensitizing" techniques gives guys a BIGGER and more INTENSE orgasm. When a man shoots a load the last thing he either hears from you or your last touch of his fur remains in him for months after. When He goes out an a sex date with somebody, if the guy doesn’t use the Body Hair "Sensitizing" techniques, His orgasm won’t be as intense as it was with you! He’ll soon have you back and you’ll be foraging on his Chest Hair quicker than you know.

Part 3
ONE OF MY READERS REPORTS: I tried some of the techniques you suggested on a hairy fella and he was very uncomfortable with my foraging around in his body hair. What was I doing wrong?

ANSWER: I have been where you are with this. Here is the thing some guys just can’t wait for you to suck them off. There are other guys that don’t UNDERSTAND what YOU are offering for them. They never thought of or heard of Body Hair “Sensitizing”. It IS an awkward moment when you have a dick in your hand or mouth, to get them interested then stop, to “Feed” on their fur. THEN do you Tell a guy what you are DOING? First make sure he KNOWS you’re a good cock sucker – Hell give you more leeway if you are.

Make sure you verbalize to him that you are incredibility in Bears and HAIRY guys drive you WILD. SAY IT TO HIM, in his ear if possible. Ask if it is OK for you to play and nibble his fur before he cums. Assure him that he WILL BLOW a BIGGER load that ever before. (He won’t know you know the secrets to FUROLOGY 101. Finish your job on him. SLOWLY as your JO him speak in his ear how hot he is, how much you LOVE fur, How he is really THE MAN. . . .etc. you may have done some of the verbal but JO him at the same time will get him hotter. Then try some oral stuff on the fir SLOWLY because if your too intense or fast it might feel too intense for him. They usually are all about getting their dick sucked i find Now you know an even deeper level of what to appreciate on the next Bear you meet.

Then if you want Seconds Try to get him aside and explain the “Body Hair sensitizing” That you want him to experience” a Layback” > Meaning he just lays back for 45 minutes while you do all the techniques of awakening his pleasure to his own body at a much higher and deeper level as in a CHEST HAIR ORGASM. NOTE: Just a heads up: Unfortunately there are some Hairy Guys out there that have bought into the trap of thinking their hairiness is not cool.they been told smooth is better than Hairy. Women & the Prono industry have pushed the smooth look to the limit. They want to show Men that look like 12 year old boys - and then There is the” thing” that you usually like what you don’t have.(So if your Hairy you go for smooth) Some guys are still “Shy” about their fur and what you are doing with it.

A READER ASKS : ”are there benefits for the subdominant guy who really loves hairy guys”
YOU do’in a hairy guy?: Yeah that's ANOTHER level. With your mental awareness of working over HIS Fur, while you imaging absorbing his masculinity - his fur growth. I know when I work over some Hairy dude, for about two days afterwards I am still thinking about his maleness. Some of that gets transferred by mental and physical awareness to stimulate my maleness.

You could even picture his hairiness mentally later during the week and JO saying MY Fur GROWS like His. . . . as you JO- - - My hair gets thicker (like His) , longer (like his) This is you BONDING a mental picture to YOUR hair follicles, like an affirmation .We know this works because a test was done years ago on pole vault jumpers. They were to picture Pole Vaulting off hours for a week. When they came back their scores and strength were much higher. Just mentally thinking about it affected their body. My fur has benefited from this by getting a bit thicker on my forearms and longer hairs on my Adams apple. If you think of something better that's good too.

Part 4
Using Body Hair “Sensitizing” Away From The Sex Bed.

One of the hottest turn-ons is getting your fur stroked away from the home/or bed. This can be exciting or daring as you like Ex: I had been dating an smooth 18 year old guy who loves hairy guys. At a restaurant I lifted my leg from the floor and put my heel in his crotch from under the table hidden by the table cloth. I said there’s MAN fur down there, . . . Boy go for it.” He put his hand up in my pants leg and played with my furry leg hairs lightly pulling the hairs and stroking his hand up and down my calf (Instant Boner) for the hour we were there. (I couldn’t wait to get home and give him all that he begged for!)

Another guy went to the movies with me, sitting with me; I lifted his hand and placed it on top of my forearm. He did not know what to do, so I moved his hand in rubbing motion up then down on the Golden Blond fur or my arm. He followed suit. I knew it gave him a boner because he kept adjusting his zipper. Then I trained him to lightly pull (A hairy guy’s favorite) those Golden Blond furry arm Hairs. I leaned over and whispered into his ear, Use your lips & Pull the fur like this” as I lightly pulled some of HIS hair that was over his ears. The act of pulling HIS hair teaches not only what you want but how lightly you want it.

I actually saw this happen a year before I tried it. I was at an outdoor concert, sitting on the lawn and a young straight couple was sitting three feet away from me. HE was a gorgeous Ginger in short sleeves, with hairy Copper Colored FUR on his arms shining like fire in the late afternoon sun– She was nothing to look at, as plain Jane as you could get. I remember thinking “How could she get someone like that!” well here’s part of why. He sat on the lawn and She got between his legs and sat down,so He could support her back and faced forward to watch the concert. He had his arms around her and she kept picking and playing with his copper colored arm hairs lightly stroking and pulling them up and then KISSING them. Right there in public! OK- Ill admit it. I WANTED to be HER! He’d get so excited, He’d every now and then, deeply and passionately kiss the back of her neck.

I could hardly stand it. I had a boner, HE MUST have had one too. This went on for over one glorious hour, I still beat off to it a lot .The whole thing of smooth vs Hairy is wonderfully powerful, If you acknowledge it.

And my last example, as if you were not convinced already. I had a Guy who likes my fur, He lived on the fourth floor with a slow elevator. The first time with him in the elevator I Grabbed him by the back of the neck and faced him toward me I pulled down the top of my t-shirt a few inches and I said look at that fuckin MAN hair, that Golden Fur Popp'in in up over the top of my green t-shit. Goa head Boy,you know you want suck on it. Do it! We dated for six months and every time we got in that elevator all I had to say was “You want it? And he’d shuffle over shyly and suck that fur all the way up to the fourth floor

PS: I be raging hard by the time we got to the room. Please remember Most hairy guys do NOT know what the power of their own body hair. Once in a while a smooth guy or hairy will be so EXCITED with all that stimulation, The hairy guy might notice his effect on the smooth service guy. This i s a new technique “Body Hair Sensitization” Sure it’s been around since Adam & Eve but now, we will do it more consciously.

Part 5
A Reader asks: “As a young smoothie I think you’re on to something big with this fur stuff. The attraction has been around a long time (smooth attracts Hairy) But you (I believe) are taking it to a whole new level. I think it’s time to teach us smoothies out there how to take care of the real Men,& Bears.

ANSWER: All of you out there reading this should remember that Hairy Guys usually are NOT AWARE of the power of a man’s body hair Smoothies wanna play with it, nibble it,(a lot) and melt into the power of it. It Actually is a way for them to re-charge their sub dominate energy. As I have pointed out in my articles the attraction is STRONG to show off fur- to smooth guys who harbor unconsciously the closeness of a Hairy Dad- I believe this satisfies a real need in a boys psyche (age 18 & up) of what he deeply desires to become. Letting him worship at the altar of our manliness, Mentally admiring our virile masculine energy we broadcast. It actually lets him embrace a mental image to take home with him for JO sessions. This act (JO), penetrates his psyche and set up an energetic for his young boy(age 18&up) also think Mind/Mental)body to increase the "Male" image in him.
(In reference to your article FUROLOGY 101 Here on community Blogs and from you Profile (1GoldenBear)

PS: It is a fact that that a Dad can "Play" the subdominant role from time to time re- fill his own sense of manhood. Ya gotta fill up the gas tank every now and then.

I'll share this with you: I had a guy "Son" once and I got him hard and took his hand and bent fingers into a fist, than bent ONE FINGER out of the fist (Pointer finger) and then put my hand on his cock, and had him feel my Blond goatee ,All the while softly talking to him how he really wanted to kiss it then keeping my hand still on his cock, I let him feel my Hairy eye brows - Extremely lightly, with the one finger, telling him that if he wants Daddy to kiss him with the sexy Blond goatee he'd have to nibble my furry eye brows. I can tell you right now that if you haven't had this done to you, try it EXACTLY this way. WOW! Telling him what he could touch and not touch is very powerful.

Also I saw a video of a older Dad that kept rubbing his Hairy goatee horizontally and vertically CONSTANTLY over a young Son's Lips as he manually JO"d the boy. The Point is that His "Dad Presence" Masculinity - towered over the lad and he just "Melted" in the presence of his Virility.and shot a big load.

Furology 101
Part 7: Introduction & Warning

Warning – This article is about Gay adults 18 years old & up that like to ROLE PLAY a Father /Son mutual sexual theme.

Our discussion on Father/Son Role Playing does not include Sado-masochist behavior, doggie play, or Master-Slave behavior. I intend to explore the psychological –Spiritual,magical aspects and sexual pleasure benefits of Father / son role playing.
Note: all examples of Dad/Son role play are about adults 18 years & up.
Let’s begin with polarities. In our area of interest it’s Man/Boy, Father/Son, Hairy/Smooth, Blond Hair/Black Bear,(Blond Bear/Black Bear)Straight/Gay. As they say opposites attract.
Magical, Suggestive- magical or hypnotic-magical abilities have been known for centuries. We know that there are people who impose their will on others even on animals. We also know this transmission can be affected through methods ranging from simple influence by persuasion, through suggestion to deliberate hypnosis, by which the” other” person is subjected to the extraneous will. Whomever can transmit his will to others is the dominate (Dad) and whoever is influenced or carries out the will of the Dominate (Dad) is the Son or sub-dominate.

The Dad/Son sexual Role Playing Dynamic may share some areas of physical, psychological & spiritual energetics. Some of the ideas presented in this article might offend some people, some religions, some Moralists Etc. . . . please read no further. These ideas are expressions of a select section of love expression in which are endless desires, mental attitudes, and mutual sexual fantasies. None of the ideas, expressions, thoughts, examples, or fantasies is meant to suggest any behavior with under age people. I do not condone anything in this report that pertains to anyone under the age of 18 –This article is an exploration of the dynamic of the Father/Son*/Lad* relationship.

Part 7 of Furology 101 - it will cover the deeper phycho-sexual aspects of Hairy vs smooth. Dad/Boy and what each is getting and giving to each other.Also the application of mental awareness of penetration that happens when your Smoothie/Son/Boy takes an oral load from you and what it really means. And "Seeding" planting your load in a tight ass- discover what it means at the deeper level. Continue to watch my Community Blog on DaddyDater.

Throughout the universe we can see many examples of opposite energetics’, for example: male/female, dark/light, dry/wet etc. In this study of the Homosexual attraction of Man/Son Sexual Role Play, will include Mature Man / Young Man -Hairy Dad/smooth Son body types and the deeper psycho-sexual aspects of Hairy vs smooth and Dad/Boy .

Orgasms - the spiritual significance what each partner is getting and giving to each other.
Within each Dad/Son relationship (Gay males) there are two poles of growth, usually unconscious. The “Mature role” and the lessor or “younger role” either of these two roles can be played by anyone regardless of their actual age.

The perfect union of the two poles strives for unity, in and through each other’s body. They seek a way of attaining balance in each other. The reason these two poles of maturity and youth, is that they seek each other for balancing the Dad/Son*/Lad* relationship. The Son/lad senses a lack of the full measure of his mature adult manliness and unconsciously wants to embody his Manliness and seeks out Daddy closeness through sex to fill in his masculine energetic.

The Dad desires the “Expression” and giving of his Virility and Masculinity, Seeks out a Son type*/Lad type* to be the open receptacle (think Son wanting Dad) and closeness it represents. The two poles strive for unity and balance and through sexual expression each get what the other needs and attain closeness and trust in each other. The /Son/lad can be attracted to Dad for the secondary male sexual characteristics, i.e Muscles, Hairiness, Maturity, Virility, Masculinity .

The Dad Gets the trust, openness, youthful Admiration & closeness the Son/Lad offers. The healing a Son/Lad desires can often come from a home life that had a Nonexistent or distant Father and this missed closeness in a gay man can appear at any age. The Son/Lad somehow feels that his Manly Virility and need for manly affections is a possibility; he yearns for. He yearns to be connected to his wholeness to his man- self inside him. The Son/Lad is aware on an inner level that more Dad/Son contact sex builds power in him to be the virile man come of age which he himself always had but was latent in him.

The Son/Lad sex act is a power tool and a means capable for increasing his own manliness. This imaginary bond with Dad’s sexual energy then holds a unconscious secret. The Dad Son/Lad Role Play has helped him to absorb virility and masculine attributes and return this energetic inside his body The Dads gift to his Son/lad replenishes & regenerates manpower to his higher nerve and brain centers to arouse those centers out of their previously latent condition. So, this article is intended as an approach to the secret of how a Dad can Heal his Son/Lad with the aid of the Father Son/Lad sexual bond.

The Closeness they share adds up over time until the lad accepts his own Daddy image in himself (Usually with his later years). Without this understanding he will always be a Boy at heart.

Now that the basic “ROLE PLAY” has been examined let’s tred on the psychological religious carpet and go deeper and more controversial than you might expect.

First let’s examine “Mental Thought Projection” which starts off as an “Awareness” of a specific sexual desire. Your thoughts can be projected inward into yourself or outwards to another person like a powerful radio wave. Here is a personal example: In January 2017 I decided I wanted to “Project” my thoughts about being good looking and powerfully masculine (I have average looks) that maybe people would notice it. Straight guys, Gay guys, even women! “An aura of manliness” OK-Laugh now, but read on to find out what happened.

So the thought I committed to memory, was “I Project a powerful radiation of masculine sexuality / 300 feet in every direction / Consciously & Unconsciously / I know that this projection is working because even straight guys will look . (I knew if I could get THEM to look in my direction then SOMETHING must be happening.) "I project confidence and masculinity with every step I take".

So the next week I watched who was looking in my direction. Surprisingly there were a lot of straight guys that would stare and nod. and I would give a tight short upward nod to them.(like ”Hey what’s up?” And some nodded back- I smiled back. I don’t think this is all my imagination.

OK, so here’s the thing. After doing this thought projection constantly for about a week – I forgot about it –I was in a parking lot heading in to a private gay men’s club when a young good-looking guy coming out of the club, passes me by, and says out loud as he passes me “Woof Daddy!” I smiled as I passed.

Then suddenly He turned around and said to my back “Ya want me to go back in?” Needless to say I was stunned. Why would he SAY THAT? Then I remembered my unconscious mental projection – After that incident When I found a guy looking my way I stared right through him and silently smirked “Got ya!”

Ego? Over Confidence? Narcissistic? What did I care! My virility and masculine prerogative to embrace the real Man power in me- that I doubted – was awakened.

Next let’s look at a one on one projection from a Dad to the Son from a metaphoric comparison level well use two examples. And before I do, Yes, I know that sometimes a banana is just a banana.

Now on a spiritual/religious mind set what symbolism can be seen in Swallowing a load of Semen –I know that it can be a religious experience for some people, right? (Smile) Also the application of mental awareness of penetration that happens when your Smoothie/Son/Boy takes an oral load from you and what it really means.

1.) YouSon/boy- on knees- Receiving the Holy Communion receives the gift of Man life.
2) The taking on the tongue the Full Chalice (Cock) of divine liquid life is not so far a stretch of the imagination. Side benefit: Servicing
3)"Seeding & Breeding" planting your load in a tight ass- discover what it means at the deeper level.

4.) “Mental Awareness” is a powerful tool that used to increase a variety of desires. Using your thoughts and projecting them. And Continue to watch my Community Blog on DaddyDater.

. Semen is not primarily important just for the production of a new humans, and the proper use of sex is not just reproduction; instead,swallowing semen transforms the boy/man who receives it, he himself is the new creature, and sex is properly a means of pleasure and self-realization.. The superego is toppled by the id, liberating the ego to know itself, to play, to realize its unique destiny. In the Father/Son divine sacrament, in their communion of cum that mimics Christ’s Last Supper, when twelve men eat their leader’s meat and drink his fluids, in their eudemonic Eucharist, the Dads dominance over his Son also “fills” the Son with the power of the Dad and insures the Sons future life as a Man’s Man –just like Dad. ”WOOF! and you better believe it.

This part 7&8 of Furology 101 in not meant to be an exhaustive study of Father / Son Role Play and it could be picked apart on a verity of levels. You are invited to email: with your comments.

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08/16/2017 01:26 AM

FEEDBACK: Hey -Thanks for the admiration. You look like a young cop buddy of mine.(Years ago) I really like your short cropped hair cut. In summer months we would park our unit in back of some warehouse. I knew there was a street lamp that 'id park under so the light would shine through the front window. The light would come in and shine on my Golden Blond Cop arms. I knew this would turn on my buddy, cause I would catch him staring at the fur on my arms all the time. I acted like I didn't notice for months, but the look of Golden Fur muscles in a dark navy blue uniform is awesome virility, I’ve seen rare Blond Cops from time to time and I know the effect well. Ya gotta remember Hairy Blonds are hard to find. - That’s how I figured he might be gay.

One night I asked him if he liked being so smooth, and reached over next to his smooth arm to show and compare my fur with his "sketchy peach fuzz". Well, I can tell ya when my arm fur 'accidentally" rubbed against his forearm he reached over with his other hand and lightly ran his hand over my fur! In fascination, saying Wow! This surprised the shit out me . . .we'd start talk'in bout women an scratch'in our crotch. One time I took it out and we both beat off.
I’ll never forget that thrill of comparing my Blond Fur and him say ‘in Wow! His dick was bigger than mine. I knew he wanted more but was too up tight. I’d still catch him ,from time to time, look'in at my Fur Collar that showed lots of Blond Hair poppin up over the top of my t-shirt and that's when I wondered whether all smooth guys secretly liked or wanted to be Hairy - opposites attract they say. BTW- You are in great shape. I could loose 20 pounds . i do not ass fuck on first dates or even the second unless the vibe is right. I like kiss’in holding, JO AND GETTING MY FUR PLAYED WITH. LOVE TO SEE HOW YOU PLEASE.
LikeRealHairyMen wrote on 01/24/2016 at 08:03 PM

Hey STUD -I've already read your blog as I was completely rock hard looking at your tuff of fur from the neck of your shirt and your hairy arms... the thought of you entering me Stallion style so I could feel your hairy chest on my bareback, your goatee on my neck as you moan with every flex of my anal muscles around your dick as I soft kiss and lick your hairy forearms...thanks for your email and your advice...would love to see more of your fur...sorry no mug shot downloaded but here are my locked pixs... i am and always have been such a fucking Daddy’s boy.
A Daddy is a state of mind and an attitude more than an age. And a mature man is not automatically a Daddy. Mature Men can be the best lovers: smart, wise, and secure. They know how to use a fag and have no qualms about asserting themselves.
Not all Daddies look like this but when they do i’m like a happy puppy wagging it’s tail. i could spend hours sucking and licking and massaging a Daddy like you. I’m an absolute whore for a hairy chest too … oh god, I’m getting wet just typing this. My mouth would stay clamped on those Blond pecs!
To all you muscle Daddies: Keep your Fur & God bless you! You give fags like me wet dreams and aspirations. You’re beautiful and magnificent. Men who embrace their age and maturity are worthy of respect and adoration.
Thanks you 1GoldenBear for you VERY HOT ideas.
Hi there, buddy. Wow, yes, read your article. VERY HOT, especially the hyper light touching of a Man's Fur on his chest, back, arms, etc. A Man can never be too Furry. Love Fur all over, especially THICK Fur all up and down his chest, back, arms, legs, everywhere. A 45 minute session of you licking all of my Fur until it stands up while I slow jack is SUPER sexy, man.
Would also get off on feeling your warm, thick, wet tongue sink deep into my furry mouth, with my hand lightly on the back of your neck. Furology would definitely have me blowing a MASSIVE cumload, man. That is some amazing full, thick Man-Fur you have sticking out of the top of your shirt, 1GoldenBear. Fuck, so hot.

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