For fucks sake. News flash! Theres scammers all over the internet. Surprise!!

My best friends Eric & Joe I were talking about fake profiles on Manhunt in 2003, saying that probably 30-40% of the profiles were fake.
And I've gotten fake messages from Adam, Bear411, Silverdaddies, Facebook, LinkedIn. I cant think of a free site where I haven't gotten a message from a fake profile.

Please dont act like this is the ONLY site where scam profiles are. There are fake profiles because theyre on almost EVERY site.
I've been asking people to message me when they see one (thank you :) ), some do, many don't. they'd rather make blog post #2103 , then blog post #2127, then blog post #2142 about how they discovered a fake profile and want to complain and warn everyone about it, as if no one knows already there's fake profiles on the internet.

Or they complain we dont have the same system Billion dollar companies like Facebook or Whatsapp use to keep scammers off (lol).

Guys, please, stop sending them money, and report them when you see them.

But know this, if the site is going to be free, then fighting fake profiles it like trying to fight gravity. You cant.
The only way to stop fake profiles is to charge money. And even then they use stolen credit cards so they can buy an upgraded an account, spam the shit out of everyone on the site, and then get banned after the damage is done, too late.

sorry, Im only 1 person, theres no moderators, when Ive had volunteer mods they, 100% of the time, would start arguments with members, then ban them, so I stopped using them.
We dont make enough money to hire moderators. Were not facebook with billions of dollars in the bank as someone compared us to earlier (lol).

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  • more like 95%...this site is a waste of time.
    Over40only 07/01/2020 02:22 PM
  • Wow. You've estimated it at 30-40%? Guess I was being too optimistic in only thinking it half that.

    But it's damn true. Sad that it's the fact of internet life.

    On that note... Marc, I want to applaud you in keeping this website up and running. I can only imagine the effort you've put in. Just logged on after a bit of a hiatus. Major overhaul to the site, too!

    Glad to see this site running still. I have fond memories of convos and blog threads.
    OCalig 03/24/2020 11:54 AM
  • For fucks sake ?
    AuditorManVIP 02/01/2020 01:51 PM
  • I wish I had read this two days ago before I blocked and reported about a half dozen catfish on here. So, when I hit the "report spammer" button on an email thread, does that report go to you? If not, where does it go and then what happens to the report - what kind of action is taken?
    Jax32205 02/01/2020 08:17 AM