Ce careful of scammers during these Covid hard times......

Money is tight now for many. Scammers are out there in droves now like scamming people, it is their job for money, don't let you be "their employer." Tip off I have found is 1 pic. also, ask for your E-Mail. "Danger, Danger Will Robinson". I did this once for a "nice guy from Ohio." He was a creep from Russia. How do I know? My neighbor is a fed. I am like a target because I have a pose pic. with my Mercedes E convert. They think=BIG money here! I like cars, it's who I am. I just have to be careful and I paid my price already for the "tuition" that I have experienced and learned. Be careful and happy safe "hunting" to all......

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  • Be careful do not get scammed. If you were please reach out I can help stop and train you on ways to secure your web browsing needs.
    luckyhunglad 01/14/2021 07:45 PM
  • I went through something similar on another site where supposedly an "underage" person hit me up to chat. We exchanged numbers to text & swap pictures. I was threatened by his so called "parents" to be prosecuted for interacting with a minor (although we never met in person. I surrendered $1500 for silence, which i thought was the end of it. However, they made another attempt to get money by threatening to tell certain individuals whom they thought were my relatives. The names mentioned weren't even related nor known to me, so then I knew that I was scammed in the beginning. Since I didn't respond to their demands for more money, I was threatened again. No further action occurred.
    BlaqueSGLBro 08/05/2020 01:17 AM
  • Yes, I hear you. I have had like 100 "military people" recently over like 5 mos. Please be careful.=They ALL have the same story....ie. to take your money, or, get gift cards from you !! Had enough?? What should we do !! I report them and get them off of here. It is like using a can of Cutter in a dense forest though....
    captainone 07/13/2020 06:29 PM
  • You are do right! It seems like the last few years there are more and more scammers on this site. There are so many red flags - like they are in the military, they want your email address, they don’t write much in their profile just that they are looking for a long-term relationship. The list goes on and on and I hear from at least one or two every day. The scammers are really getting bad on Facebook as well. It’s kind of sad though, guys like myself are just looking for someone to spend the rest of our lives with and all we get our scammers praying on our loneliness.
    StepByStep 07/13/2020 05:25 PM