Fetish Enjoyment

So into speedos jockstraps desire other guys sharing in the same fetish
stories. pic showing, swapping used locker room gear. new or used

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  • I enjoy to be sexy and displaying a gorgeous bulge in underwear and swimwear.
    ManCuddle 12/21/2021 02:59 PM
  • Let's chat
    Freakschmb 10/20/2020 10:43 AM
  • Luv to wrestle dad in my jockstrap and have him pinned me on the mat and then fuck me balls deep bareback style in my jockstrap. Then to humiliate Me by making me stand there on the mat beaten and conquered with my hands up behind my head with a raging hard-on in my jockstrap as he berates and makes fun of me for wearing a jockstrap!
    jaypea 08/26/2020 09:20 AM
  • I would like to share stories
    Max2019 08/22/2020 03:22 AM
  • I have an assortment of jockstrap, love em.
    Frlovr 08/17/2020 04:28 PM
  • I'd like to hear some stories
    user 08/05/2020 04:58 PM
  • You and I have the same interests. Message me for my email.
    mike72349 08/04/2020 07:40 AM