Lets Make It Great!

Hey dads and lads, I know some of you can vouch for my authenticity (from basic real chat to classic real time raw sex, right ?). I mention that because it's come to my attention that this site, as good as it is and great as it can be, needs help from "real men" ! So, to do that, let's keep on CUMMING online, routing out the "bad guys" (fake profiles, spammers) whenever we can - and if any of you hot studs have other suggestions -- let's hear them ! BTW I have nothing to do with running the site (hey, webmaster, where are you ? ; I am here for you). But I really dig the simple masculine male concept of DaddyDater as all dad/lad, coach/jock, and not so CD or TV as other sites. Which is fine and good in its own way. Just not what we are here for, right men ?!

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  • to my super hot bro, Chad, thank you ! yes, lets keep CUMMING on here - and make this THE place for fraternal/paternal fun - LOADS of it ! Ill do my part, with regular pic updates and CUMMING here often - and when I can, servicing as many raw top cocks in real time -- to hopefully help make the efforts of those men visiting that much more pleasurable (and masculine and powerful) ! Meanwhile, how about I work your hot dude dick soonest, sexy ?!?!?
    hump2pump 03/19/2020 12:10 PM
  • hump2pump--not only is he REAL... he is REAL FUCKING HOTTT!!!
    He is right--this site has all the RIGHT STUFF!!! A fine Community of fantastic men and boys.. the spammers and fakes figure it out quick..no room for them..
    luv yu, 'hump..' and the rest of you brothers!!!!!
    Hrychad 03/16/2020 01:38 PM
  • Thanks, Coach David ! Between me - and hot daddies like you - we can make this the best site for older/younger males to congregate - and CUM together !
    hump2pump 03/15/2020 11:35 AM
  • I certainly can vouch for this gentleman! O've known him on line for years. & an awesome video star!
    David I.
    chaseman 03/14/2020 10:47 AM