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After retiring from engineering in Canada where I am a citizen, I moved to Singapore as permanent resident in 2009. It is a good choice I made because in Asia budget flights and hotels are within reach of my humble funds.

At this age, with romanticism nowhere else to go (grin), I have channeled it to travel, filming and photography. There is much mystery in travel and terrain.

Traveling is like a trivia. It gets me answers to my own questions. The cameras which I don't leave home without, capture the moments that substantiate my findings with embedded time and date like a diary for writing my travel blog and posting the albums on websites.

Since 2009 I have been walking, biking, sailing, railing and flying in Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka & Thailand - 6 times a year.

Before 2009, I've been to Japan, Hongkong, Peru, South Korea, UK & USA.

Mountains, forests and waterfalls take me into a state of mystical animation - in a wilderness where getting lost is an adventure of risks that I can choose to have or not. Have you ever felt the freedom to say yes or no to every possibility? Is it how a Lark feels when it flies?.

Most importantly, I have my internet buddies to thank for their company and suggestions on my travels in their countries.

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