5' 8" 
235 lbs 
Seeking age:
35 - 75 
Looking for:
° relationship ° dating ° friends ° sex  
United States, California, 94066 
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I do erotic Swedish massage in the BaY Area. Write me if you want details, here's 2 websites that might tell you more about me: ar and bers/boomerbear.shtml. I'm not good at a lot of things, but I give a killer massage!

I'll send this to the Yahoo account too in case these links don't come through


Dating-wise, what I prefer is a kind of regular. not too frequent thing. I'm a strong but gentle bear who enjoys companionship, friendship and waking up with someone. I'm both oral and anal, both as active and passive roles. I like kissing, cuddling, rimming, body contact. I expect some level of reciprocation by my partners.

I like intelligent guys who are interested in the world and are open minded and politically liberal, guys who know and accept that not everybody in the world believes like us or has the same priorities or values. I value kindness and honesty above all other virtues and humor is high on my list of personal characteristics. I like easy going guys, but I realize we all have or quirks, that that is what makes us who we are, and I don't like to change people because usually all you do is cut off pieces of who the other person is.

I'm open to relationship, but not expectations. I aleady have a long distance relationship of many years, he's had relationships on the side and so have I. It's cool. We all know each other. Nothing hidden, nothing secret, nothing threatening.

Except for diabetes, I'm healthy. NS/ND HIV NEG, bug free.